The Red Thread of Fate is an East Asian myth that states that two people linked by this thread are destined to love each other regardless of time, place, or circumstances. Therefore, this magic cord can be stretched or tangled, but it can never break. Although it may only be a myth, in reality, we can observe couples who seem like true soulmates.

We want to show 8 photos about relationships in which two people should definitely be together.

#1. “My mom and dad are back together after 15 years.”

© dmelvey / Reddit

#2. “My parents in high school (1970) and now — they’ve been together since eighth grade and married for 47 years.”

© juriszy / Reddit

#3. “My mom and dad were in the same kindergarten group, ~ 1965 — they found out years later.”

© juriszy / Reddit

#4. “My wife and I got each other the same card for Valentine’s Day. She bought mine last year and I bought hers this year.”

© MortyV86 / Reddit

#5. “The wife and I have been talking about getting a new vacuum since we just moved into our new home.”

© the3rdlogan / Reddi

#6. Friends for 15 years, together for 4 — finally married!”

© hello-there-handsome / Reddit

#7. “Dinner date with my wife and found love in our onion…”

© retroboat / Reddit

#8. “After moving into our first home together, my wife and I realized we each had the exact same birthday cake for our first birthdays.”

© curlyShane / Reddit

Which person within your family group do you think has found their soulmate? Do you think these “signs” are an indication of true love or pure chance?

Preview photo credit alphaacenntauri / Reddit