The colors you choose on a daily basis can translate information to the world. For example, if you like to wear red clothes, you can be associated with being a dominant person. But there are more colors and they can affect your behavior and mood, and make an impression on other people in different ways.

We also notice that the colors we choose influence our personality and we’d like to share what the researchers have to say about it.


What Your Favorite Color Could Say About You

Yes, the color red can bring associations with aggression and domination. The researchers found that athletes who wear this color are 5% more likely to win. It triggers an increase in heart rate and testosterone and can improve performance as a result.

An interesting finding is that waitresses in red uniforms receive more tips from men. Studies have confirmed that this color attracts men. It has an association with love and passion. So if you want to be noticed, try red.


What Your Favorite Color Could Say About You

Purple is associated with royalty and royal ceremonies. In addition, it leaves the impression of magic and fantasy. Purple stimulates creativity and brings peace, but at the same time, it relates to being sensitive and emotional.


What Your Favorite Color Could Say About You

If you like the color orange and use it a lot, it can be very energetic. This color is even used for pills because it is a good stimulant.

It is very powerful and can be associated with a vibrant social environment. Orange also brings enthusiasm and energy. This is probably why many sports teams wear it on their uniforms.


What Your Favorite Color Could Say About You

A person who likes white wants a sense of satisfaction. They are usually organized, logical, and detailed at work. Color can be associated with independence in creating things.

In addition, it can evoke a feeling of purity and simplicity. Perhaps it is for these qualities that some companies like to use it. For example, Apple has a simple white background.


What Your Favorite Color Could Say About You

It is the color of borders and authority. It’s strong and can evoke a sense of elegance, formality, and mystery. Black reflects certain practicality and realism in the world, which is why it is so used by people who need to follow a dress code in their workplace.

A person who likes black may associate with someone who yearns for control and independence.


What Your Favorite Color Could Say About You

The type of person who likes blue can be idealistic, trustworthy, autonomous, and considerate in their creative work. They tend to pay attention to detail, become perfectionists, and have impeccable manners.

Recruiters can look for candidates who choose blue clothing for high-stress positions, experts say.

what is your favorite color? What color can improve your mood?