People age differently, and people of Asian descent have a reputation for looking younger than they really are. Statistics show that Asian women have better health and also longer lives.

For example, nearly 1 in 1,500 people in Japan are over 100 years old, and China has a low rate of breast cancer. So what is their secret?

We decided to unravel the mystery behind the young appearance of Asians and want to share what we have discovered with you.

Their Wider Facial Bone Structure Counters Sagging

According to Science Why Asian People Appear to Age Slower

As we age, we experience bone and soft tissue loss. Due to the fact that Asians have a broader bone structure in the middle of the face, from the cheeks to above the chin line, the loss of soft tissue is seen and felt to a lesser extent.

Asians have more fat around their eyes, which prevents wrinkles from forming around them. Because of this, sagging skin doesn’t look the same on them as it does on a Caucasian face, just blink and you can lose!

Their Skin Protects Them Better Against The Sun

According to Science Why Asian People Appear to Age Slower

Different skin colors have many characteristics that make the aging process unique. The most significant difference between people of color and Caucasians is the amount of melanin in the skin.

The more melanin you have, the more protection you have against photoaging and sun exposure. And the wrinkles or fine lines that appear as we age are often caused by the sun.

All people of color, including those of Asian descent, have more melanin in their skin and a thicker dermis, which makes facial wrinkles less visible. And the amount of melanin in Asian skin also increases with age.

They May Have More “ageless” Genes

According to Science Why Asian People Appear to Age Slower
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The real genes that are related to longevity have been discovered! They are called Methuselah genes and are responsible for repairing the skin after exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors.

For now, the research was conducted only in American and African American women, and according to the results, these genes are found twice as often in black women as in white women.

Additional research would include Asian and Hispanic women, and perhaps Asians carry more of that gene as well.

Their Lifestyle Contributes To Natural Youthfulness

According to Science Why Asian People Appear to Age Slower
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As with many things, the way you age is a combination of nature and creation. Nutrition, skincare, habits, exercise, and more all play a role in how we age.

Therefore, the youthful appearance of Asians can be attributed to a balanced diet. Compared to Western food, which is notoriously unhealthy and fattening, Asian cuisine includes more vegetables, seafood, and spices, and less dairy, bread, and sweets.

With regard to beauty practices, Asians protect themselves better from the sun due to different social expectations and beauty standards. And Asian skin products contain many anti-pollution and anti-aging ingredients.

Do you seem to be your age? Do people say you look younger or older than you are?