Most of us would like to know what other people are thinking, and sometimes we build on existing kinds of mind-reading skills or mind tricks and turn them into useful tools. It shows that we are special and have peculiar abilities because we know how to respond and what to say at the right time for our benefit.

We have collected the experiences of others that can help us and make our lives hassle-free.

I’ve seen this a lot in airports and in some stores, but having a mirror behind the cashier/receptionist often prevents people from getting angry because when you start to see how angry you look, you start to calm down. © November_Dawn_11 / Reddit

I think Cunningham’s law works surprisingly well. The fastest way to get someone to tell you the correct answer is to post the wrong answer.  © MlghtySheep / Reddit

If you need it, instead of asking “someone” to help you, ask a specific person, “Hey you in the green shirt, could you give me a hand?” Works. © DarkPasta / Reddit

Strokes their ego. The most effective you will find. There is no more effective way to accumulate power than to convince people that they are smart enough to give it to you. © catboneslovestory / Reddit

When it’s hard to convince someone to do something, offer them options. That way, they feel like they are in control. “Could you do A, or would you prefer B?” © nilsn91 / Reddit

I use this trick with my kids all the time. Especially when it comes to food. “Do you want chicken or steak?” Otherwise, if I just ask her what she wants for dinner, she’ll just say “cookies.” © CaptainAwesome06 / Reddit

Ask someone to do something they don’t really want to do and they’ll reluctantly do it. Ask them to choose between the same task and something they would hate even more, and they will do the task with a smile on their face. © whovian5690 / Reddit

If you are asked to do a task at work, say that it will take longer to do than it will. So when you complete the task ahead of schedule, people will think you’re awesome. © no_lemom_no_melon / Reddit

© Nwsamurai / Reddit, East News, FX Networks/Courtesy Everett Collection / East News

If you’re walking toward someone and think you’re walking into a “which way do we cross” dance, indicate the path you want to take with your shoulders (instead of your head). I don’t remember where I heard this, but it works almost every time. © frgetabout**00 / Reddit

If you need a big favor from someone (or favor that someone is likely to turn down), ask for a smaller favor first, like borrowing a pen or something similar. They are likely to say yes to a larger favor. © Critical_Werewolf / Reddit

Which of these tricks have you used? Do you have any tips like these? Tell us in the comments.

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