In the complicated world of sailing relationships, it’s important to be careful about the tactics people use. When we think of the word toxic relationship, things like yelling and fighting come to mind, however, this is not always the case. A person can pose as a loving partner and make you believe their behavior is normal, but there is a way to tell a green flag from a red one.

We always want you to have a thriving relationship, so we investigated the difference between displays of affection that are on the border between healthy and toxic. We hope our article helps you stay safe.

Healthy: Being Private

Although the two of you are one element, everyone has a right to personal privacy in relationships. Without privacy, it would be impossible for us to discover who we really are on our own, away from social expectations.

Sometimes there is information that you don’t want to share with your partner because you need time to process it and figure out how to handle it. There’s nothing wrong with that, and having a little space of your own is essential for your personal growth.

Red Flag: Being Secretive

Being secretive is not the same as being private. The difference between privacy and secrecy is that a secret is a crucial information that you are keeping from your partner out of fear or shame.

Any healthy relationship needs transparency. Therefore, it is important to share relevant information, especially if you think it would upset your partner because it would be difficult to handle this relationship completely honestly in the future.

Healthy: Talking Regularly And Making Time For Each Other

When a person really wants to be with you, they will either find time for you or give you reasons why they can’t if they have a busy schedule. Communicating with your partner constantly and meeting regularly is a great sign in a relationship.

Red Flag: Insisting You Be Together All The Time

If your partner reacts badly when you make plans without them and cannot handle being alone on their own, this indicates your inability to deal with the upset and can be interpreted as possessive behavior.

Personal space is important in relationships, otherwise, you cannot grow as a person outside of your partner.

Healthy: Being Attentive To Your Needs

You should not beg your partner to pay attention or be more attentive, you should do it alone. Of course, it’s hard to know exactly what you need if you’re both in the early stages of your relationship, so make sure you communicate properly.

Red Flag: Love-bombing

Love bombing is a technique used in the early stages of a relationship. In simpler words, they are overloading you with attention, they want to talk about the future, and they make you feel like the center of their universe too soon and too quickly.

This means that the person is trying to win you over by manipulating you more carefully instead of being genuine.

Healthy: Being Open About Past Relationships

It may seem counterintuitive to talk about your exes in a new relationship, but it’s actually a healthy thing to do. Our past experiences have shaped us into who we are today and have taught us lessons that we can learn from so that your relationship grows stronger and you grow closer to your new partner.

Red Flag: Telling Stories About “crazy Exes”

Every relationship is a two-way street, so it’s not a good sign if your partner always talks negatively about your previous commitment and paints your ex as someone who was “crazy” and the only reason they broke up. At best, it’s a sign of immaturity.

What do you consider to be a big red flag?