We can all feel insecure or uncertain entering new relationships, wondering if someone really likes us. None of us are mind readers, but our bodies and psychology can be revealing. Fortunately, there are some signs that clearly answer this question and can subtly let us know how someone really feels about us.

We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your relationships. Therefore, we share these little-known signs to look out for in new relationships.

The direction of their feet

If their feet are facing toward you, it could show that they are interested. “Open body language is an indication that someone is curious and attentive to you,” says licensed therapist Shamyra Howard.

Other signs may include leaning towards you with your shoulders relaxed and your arms uncrossed.

Whether you can see their hands

When someone is comfortable around you, you can usually see their hands. This can be a great indicator that a partner feels safe and connected to you.

The 2-direction head tilt

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If your crush tilts their head to the side when they hear you talk, it could be a good sign. Head tilt can show that they are curious and tuned in.

Their hands are clammy.

We might assume this just means someone is hot or sweaty, but it could actually mean nervousness. Being nervous is a sign that they could have interested in you and don’t want to ruin anything, which is a good sign that he cares about you!

They stumble over their words.

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Another way for someone to reveal that they are nervous is to stumble over their words, especially if they tend to be confident or the center of attention. “When you know they’re not normally awkward, but they’re being awkward and can’t form sentences around you, that could be a sign of interest,” says one relationship expert.

They stand or sit close to you.

If they approach you in situations where you are together, they may not be able to resist the urge to be as close to you as possible. If you’re not afraid of closeness and make your desire clear (but not in a creepy way), that’s probably a good sign.

They rock a toothy smile.

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Many of us stop smiling in a way that shows our front teeth around the age of 5 unless we’re super happy. So when they’re having a great time, look for the teeth. If they’re really happy, they won’t bother covering their front teeth when they smile.

Is there anything you would add to this list? How do you rate how someone feels about you? Share your tips in the comments.