The work of wedding planners can seem like a series of funny situations that are often highlighted in the movies. But in real life, things are much more complicated. It turns out that there are even special courses for wedding planners, where they learn the basics of wedding psychology.

Not surprisingly, the combination of learning and professional experience has enabled organizers to predict very accurately the length of certain weddings.

We discovered what criteria wedding planners use to understand when marriages don’t last long and compared them to the findings of family psychologists. Now you have the opportunity to see how close the professional opinions of wedding planners are to reality.

Subtle Signs Your Marriage Might Not Last

The Bride And Groom Use Humiliating Names To Address Each Other


During the process of preparing for the event, wedding planners often notice how future spouses treat each other. Nicknames are not always a sign of a long and happy marriage.

However, degrading and offensive names that couples use even in the presence of other people are often a sign that the marriage will not last long. When insults are justified by “I said it with love,” the predictions for future marriage are not positive.

Some studies have shown that cute nicknames can have a positive effect on how satisfied you are in your relationship. But insults, even when used as a joke, indicate that one partner does not respect the other. This will not go away after the couple marries and can turn into aggression and contempt.

One Of The Partners Makes Organizational Decisions In Secret From The Other

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Sometimes all the details are discussed, but one of the potential spouses tries to make their own changes behind the other couple’s back, often asking the organizer not to say anything.

And it’s okay when they ask you to keep a secret to surprise someone (for example, when a groom wants to sing a song he composed during the ceremony).

But sometimes a partner asks about something the other partner will definitely not like (for example, not sending invitations to some of the guests). Stealthy things like this, which are hidden from the partner, can lead to a quick end to a marriage.

Psychologists say that having secrets is normal. But when these secrets violate the rights and interests of the other person, and when it comes to lying, trust between the partners is lost. And that is definitely not healthy for any relationship.

One Of The Partners Doesn’t Take Part In The Planning Of The Wedding


Wedding planners say that men are less interested in details than women. They usually don’t care about the color of the chairs or the taste of the wedding cake. But newlyweds often accompany their future wives to discussions on these topics to provide support.

And when some partners are not involved in the preparation of the event, it looks and feels very strange. According to the organizers, they sometimes meet the bride and groom for the first time during the ceremony. These marriages generally do not last long.

Psychologists say that marriage is always a job for two people. If all the responsibility always falls on the shoulders of a single person, the result is obvious: it is impossible for one person to make 2 happy.

Bride And Groom Don’t Want To Meet Each Other Half Way

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According to wedding planners, there are situations in which the bride and groom argue when choosing the music for their first dance. Even small details can be the cause of an argument and when the partners do not discuss things, they can become the cause of a conflict that can include tears, insults, and broken dishes.

You can even feel the tension in the ceremony itself. For example, when playing the song that caused the conflict, you may notice that the partners roll their eyes or even refuse to dance. This inability to find yourself in the middle of marriage can be really destructive.

According to psychologists, commitment is an important aspect of a stable marriage. Therefore, you must learn to consider your partner’s interests before getting married.

New Relatives Say Negative Things About The Bride’s Or Groom’s Choice In Public

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Sometimes it happens that mothers-in-law tell everyone that they wish their son could have found someone better. But that’s only half the problem. Newlyweds shouldn’t be liked by everyone and this is totally normal.

But a really alarming sign is when one of the partners is unwilling or unable to defend the other. Worse still, some people even support their family members, that’s downright disgusting.

Experts recommend talking to potential rioters in advance to reduce the risk of these situations occurring at the ceremony.

Have you ever tried to guess how long a certain marriage will last? Let us know in the comment section below!