When you are in love and in a healthy relationship, it can reduce anxiety levels, and this has been scientifically proven. You may even start to look better or feel less stressed at work. Hugs and kisses produce feelings of calm, security, and joy.

We want everyone to experience being truly loved, and we discovered 6 things that happen to you when you meet your soulmate.

How Do You Know When Love Is True?

Love Is Sharing Not Only The Good Moments, But Also The Bad Ones

6 Things We Need to Know About Real Love

Romantic love can last and studies show it. But the main thing is your action and for you. Love is a verb, not a noun. If you come home tired after work and see your partner expecting an exciting night instead of helping you, there is a disconnect between the two of you. This does not mean that you should part right away, but a good explanation is needed.

If your partner sees you only as an object to have fun with all the time, it can ruin you psychologically. You need to be actively in tune with your spouse’s needs.

True Love Is An Action

6 Things We Need to Know About Real Love
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True love also includes going through bad times. It’s common to feel lonely sometimes in a relationship, according to psychologists. It occurs when a couple loses their emotional connection.

If you two love each other, try to work on it to avoid misunderstandings. For example, in long-term relationships, some couples go to a psychologist or try to talk to each other more to solve their loneliness problem.

It should feel natural to be with your partner and to work on anything to achieve that future you’ve always dreamed of, brick-by-brick.

You Both Know Your Boundaries And Keep Them

6 Things We Need to Know About Real Love
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A healthy relationship and love always have their limits. It’s like a certain deal between the two of you, where no one tries to be the “dictator.” If your communication is all about fun, sooner or later there will be a problem.

In a healthy relationship, you need to speak up and not be afraid to say something when you feel like someone is pushing your limits. Choosing arguments over fights shows that the two of you respect each other.

Therapist Bridget Levy shares that it is important to know that the limits that use the words “always” or “never” do not work. Of course, you need to be specific and direct, but using the right words is crucial. There is no place to forbid things; instead, you should opt for a more constructive speech.

You Share A Common Concept Of What True Love Is

6 Things We Need to Know About Real Love
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They support each other, spend quality time together, and forgive and appreciate each other. For all couples, their interests and concept of love may be different: some may prefer to travel, while other couples prefer to stay at home.

It has also been studied that the concept of love can change in a couple. During the first year, serotonin levels return to normal and the “obsessive” aspects become more moderate. Then love becomes calmer and more mature.

Love Means Common Goals And Desires

6 Things We Need to Know About Real Love
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Harmony is very difficult to build and achieving common goals can help. But there are some points that you should not forget, according to psychologists. First, make sure you are specific and realistic about what you want.

Second, don’t forget to celebrate your success together.

You Share Responsibilities

6 Things We Need to Know About Real Love
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Feeling that your partner is avoiding responsibility can be very traumatic and damaging to the relationship. Saying but not doing can hurt everyone. True love doesn’t try to make you feel worse, it makes you stronger and more protected.

A good conversation can solve some problems. Still, the reasons people are afraid to talk about responsibility can range from embarrassment to fear to depression. Therefore, it is always better to get together and start discussing each other’s obligations and rights.

When both people share responsibilities, there is no imbalance and no one feels a heavier burden. Even if the agreements do not appear at the beginning, it is important to work on them. There are no common rules and each couple has their own way of doing things.

Do you know other signs of love? If you love a partner, do you accept him as he is? Share your thoughts below!