Many parents try to persuade their children that grades are important. And when their kids get bad grades, they tell them off and make them study harder. But in real life, school grades often don’t matter.

How many times have you heard of children who were not very successful in school but ended up in a great company in a great position?

We consulted with psychologists and tried to answer the question why bad students tend to be so much more successful than good students.

6. They Don’t Care About Grades

6 Reasons Why Bad Students Often Earn Way More Than A-Students

For many good students, their grades are a sign of success: if they have good grades, it means they have accomplished something.

However, all grades are subjective and depend not only on the quality of knowledge but also on other factors, such as the teacher and their mood.

Bad students don’t need grades to show that they have been successful. In pursuing their goals, they don’t seek appreciation from other people, they care more about how satisfied they are with what they have done.

5. They Don’t Try To Look Good

For good students, it is often very important to make a good impression on the teacher. So they try to be active, even when they are not interested in a topic.

And bad students don’t try to impress anyone. Although they respect teachers, they don’t do the things they don’t want to do.

People often adhere to these role models in their communication with their bosses.

4. They Allow Themselves To Be Imperfect

6 Reasons Why Bad Students Often Earn Way More Than A-Students
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Some people follow the rule: “I do it perfectly or I don’t do it at all.” Living like this is incredibly difficult because success in all areas is simply not possible.

People will spend years in a dead-end job trying to work harder and harder and will never take a leap of faith or do something they really enjoy.

Here’s an example: “I was going to an art school and there was a boy there. He was very good, but he didn’t do a good job in high school. But that didn’t stop him from becoming one of the best graffiti artists in the country. Now he works with people from all over the world. And if he were a perfectionist who really cared about his grades, his talent would never have been discovered. “

3. They Don’t Spread Themselves Too Thin

Bad students never force themselves to do things they are not interested in, especially things they find useless. Instead, they focus on things they are actually interested in.

And an outstanding student will keep learning things just to be a good student. Later, students often waste years of their lives in bad relationships and dead-end jobs.

Here’s a story that shows the logic bad students have. The owner of a large company told me: “I went to 7 different schools and I was always a terrible student. I did not want to study subjects that did not interest me.

At some point, I just stopped going to math classes. At the same time, I read many I was already using the Internet when none of my teachers knew what it was, I spent all my free time online, playing computer games, reading, or walking outside.

2. They Have Other Things To Do Outside Of Homework

Bad students spend their free time however they want: they read, play sports, play music, dance, or play with other children.

According to psychologists, A students often find it difficult to relax because they are always tense not only mentally, but also psychologically.

Unfortunately, this problem remains with them even when they grow up: They often feel anxious because they are afraid of not meeting other people’s expectations.

1. They Are Ready To Take Risks

People who were not very successful in school had to adjust to situations all the time. They allowed themselves to dream and not live up to their parents’ plans for them. They now deal with their mistakes better.

If they want to drop out of college, change jobs, or move to another country, they will. They listen to themselves and what they want.

Did you have bad students at your school? How are you now

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