When a child’s birthday approaches, some parents often get excited and prepare in advance to celebrate the occasion. But there are also parents who prefer to save all the expenses of a birthday party and decide not to have celebrations. Doing this could be counterproductive.

We want to share with you this article that talks about the importance of celebrating a child’s birthday and encourages parents not to lose sight of their sense of joy.

To Have Or Not To Have A Party

According to a Study Why Celebrating Children’s Birthdays Is So Important

Yes, everything has changed. What we used to consider a simple birthday party has now evolved into the development of an entire themed party, with over 50 guests, custom candy tables, and expensive decorations likely to end up in the trash.

However, Dr. Jacqueline Woolley defends the importance of celebrating birthdays in a meaningful way, as children, as well as adults, seek explanations for personal events.

The Importance Of Celebrating A Birthday

According to a Study Why Celebrating Children’s Birthdays Is So Important

Dr. Woolley conducted a study between the concepts of age and birthday in young children. For the survey, 99 American children ages 3 to 5 were examined.

The procedure was simple since they all faced the same situation: 3 2-year-olds were about to turn 3. The first had a party, the second did not, and the third had a party, but in 2 parts.

The volunteers were then asked to indicate the age of each child. The results revealed that many of them stated that those who did not have a party would still be 2 years old, and they also answered that those who had 2 parties would be 4 years old.

More Than Just Math…

According to a Study Why Celebrating Children’s Birthdays Is So Important

Dr. Woolley’s tests revealed that for preschool-age children, the annual experience of a seemingly sudden change from one moment to another is of great importance.

Since there is no obvious or immediate physical cause, as there is with other types of changes, children consider a birthday party to be an event that occurs regularly and increases growth.

The Advantages Of Celebrating A Birthday, According To Developmental Psychology

According to a Study Why Celebrating Children’s Birthdays Is So Important

Dr. Woolley believes that if the goal of a party is to turn 5 for a 4-year-old, it is the celebration that counts. Therefore, parents can also consider the following advantages of these events:

They raise their self-esteem. When a child feels celebrated, they also feels loved and significant in their family role. Their birthday becomes important in Their parents’ lives.

They strengthen family ties. Having family traditions is positive. No matter the size of the party, what matters is the feeling of being together to celebrate something special.

They establish social relationships. Inviting a couple of friends, grandparents, or the whole family to a birthday party helps the child relate better through feelings of companionship and kindness.

They create positive memories. A study of preschool memories says that most childhood memories are not really memories, but rather a memory created from a large amount of data collected unconsciously from different sources, such as sensations, smells, and music. So creating memories of a celebration can be really meaningful.

It helps them to have a perception of time. Children do not perceive their growth except through other people. This is why birthdays are a great way for them to discover the growth process.

Do you celebrate your children’s birthday? Do you have a different or special celebration? Tell us in the comments!