More than a million scientific articles are published each year, and research in psychology contributes greatly to this number. Although research in psychology is not easy for everyone to read, the results obtained can be useful in everyday life and help you increase your motivation, become a better communicator, improve your relationship with others, and lead a healthier life.

We’ve collected some incredible psychological insights that can help you better understand yourself and the world around you.

Read this list to discover the secrets of rational thinking, being productive, communicating effectively, and being in a good mood.

7. Self-confidence Is More Important Than Appearance

7 Psychological Facts That Can Make Your Life Easier
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Several studies show that being confident and supportive is more important to men than being beautiful, as evidenced by women’s judgments about the attractiveness of men.

In fact, couples in which there is a woman more beautiful than a man are more positive and supportive than couples in which the man is more handsome or where the spouses have matching looks.

6. Men Listen To Women For 6 Minutes Only

It’s a fact: men have selective hearing! They can listen carefully to their partners for just 6 minutes, while that time is more than double to 15 minutes when talking to their male friends.

Before you start blaming men for your inattention, you should know that women also pay more attention to conversations with their friends than they do with their romantic partners.

5. Writing Down Your Thoughts Reduces Stress

7 Psychological Facts That Can Make Your Life Easier
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More than one study has shown that writing about your traumatic experiences improves your emotional state, reduces anxiety, and helps you break free from a depressing event.

People prone to anxiety who wrote about their feelings before taking a major test performed better than those who did not write anything before the test.

Another popular way to reduce stress is eating, which is not a beneficial practice. Eating stress can easily get out of control and turn into bingeing, making you feel even sadder because of the guilt you often feel afterward.

4. Sing The End Of A Song To Get It Out Of Your Head

We often hear a song that we don’t even like, that gets stuck in our heads. There’s an easy trick to get rid of the hassle: listen to the music all the way to get a sense of closure.

The reason this helps is that the so-called “earworm” is on a repeating cycle and finishing the song helps you get rid of it.

3. Playing Video Games Makes You The Master Of Your Dreams

If you want to be the owner of your dreams and make them more vivid and easy to control, you should start playing video games, as both video games and night dreams represent alternate realities. Another excuse to play? You can use it to control nightmares!

2. People With Car Stickers Are More Quick-tempered

7 Psychological Facts That Can Make Your Life Easier
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It’s hard to believe, but angry people on the road tend to have more stickers on their cars, regardless of the content.

People with a large number of stickers were more likely to engage with road rage, with stickers predicting angry behavior better than the value or condition of the car.

1. The Color Blue Can Increase Productivity

The color of your office walls can affect your productivity. If you want a stimulating and energizing environment for the mind, blue is the best color for you.

Pairing blue with orange will not only make you productive, but it will also make your mind and emotions more balanced. This is an ideal combination for people who worry about working all day.

Which fact surprised you the most and which one will you use daily from now on?

Do you know of an interesting psychological fact that is not mentioned in this list? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments!