A meaningful relationship does not just come out of the blue. It takes enthusiasm, effort, and determination to function.

While every relationship is different for every couple, there are some phrases that can be identified for everyone. These phases are the foundation for building a strong and successful relationship that can last a lifetime.

We are here to show you these 4 incredible stages of love. Read them out loud, identify between the lines, and be wiser.

The Courtship Phase

La vie en rose: the time of butterflies, chills, and daydreams.

The first dates, the first touches, the desire to be together. Enthusiasm, excitement, fun, and romance.

You wake up smiling while thinking about the other person and you go to bed wondering what they are doing.

You two are doing your best: a true gentleman and a lady.

No flaws, no fights, just chemistry, and passion. This is the moment when love is really blind. While it may not be a real and lasting love but more of a passion, the two of you are oblivious to anything other than the pleasant feeling of being together.

The Wake-up Phase

Regardless of the length of the courtship phase, such a happy period always seems to be short-lived.

Reality breaks in.

The first serious disagreements, the first fights, the first offenses, and the first request for advice from your friends.

Now you see your partner without all the mystical aura that you disguised him with. Yes, this is your lover: just a person like any other, perfect with his/her own imperfections.

You start to wonder: is this person right for me?

Confusion, doubt, anguish.

This is a crucial point where most relationships fail. Are you really compatible? And if so, are you mature enough to get over it?

The Confidence Phase

Getting reality right and all the anxieties from the previous phase count for something: you get to know and understand yourself on a much deeper level.

You are now aware of your partner’s likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses, their perspective and judgment, and ultimately their feelings for you.

Yes, you believe in them as a person and as a partner. You know that this person is a great person and, most importantly, is there for you whenever you need support.

Although the excitement of being together is no longer as exciting as in the dating phase, deep feelings are installed: mutual trust, appreciation, and security.

Finally, you grow up together and become a mature person. They learn to share and commit, to emphasize and deeply respect the needs and wants of others. You become a better person and a better lover.

The Rediscovery Phase

This is the stage that only truly successful relationships get to. It is the important moment when you find enduring life-lasting love, that deep and incredible feeling that few people are lucky enough to experience.

The rediscovery phase summarizes and derives from the three mentioned above.

It is the time when you feel passionate and immerses yourself in physical desire and real longing for each other on a more meaningful level.

It is that moment where you know your partner from the inside out and still believes that they are perfect for you.

It is that moment when you can trust them with your life because you completely trust each other, each other’s love, and your strong feelings.

Finally, it is that stage where you cannot imagine your own life without the other.

Yes, they need the presence and affection of others, but it is incredible.

If you are mature and wise enough, this phase can last forever.

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Preview photo credit Ivan Troyanovsky