How are you doing during this busy back-to-school season? I still can’t adjust to this CRAZY schedule, so I spend a lot of time browsing my social media instead of going to bed early. (My advice … don’t do this!) Anyway, while checking my messages yesterday, I came across one that looks like a SCREAM FOR HELP, and it’s from a girl who has a friend BFF DUDE:

Pros and Cons of Having a Boy Best Friend When You’re a Girl

If you only knew how familiar this sounds to me, Olivia … I’ve been there too, and when my best friend Jack suddenly tried to kiss me, I felt like a DOG LICKED MY FACE. DAMMIT! Why? Just because? … We had a long talk afterward and found out that Jack thought he was in love with him because of the “flirty” looks I was giving him in the school cafeteria that day (totally NOT!).

Anyway, having a guy’s best friend has its pros and cons and we all need to know about them so that we are not surprised when WILD things like this happen.

Pros Of Having A Guy Bff:

Pros and Cons of Having a Boy Best Friend When You’re a Girl

He will not judge you and he’ll support you. Your friendship can be deep enough to have transformative conversations, free from judgment and sermons.

There will be less drama. From what I know about guys so far, they don’t really like drama and gossip. Therefore, your friendship with a boy is less likely to be “toxic.”

You will see things from a different perspective. Boys and girls are different, and if you only befriend girls, you can’t “look behind the curtain” and get to know the world of boys better.

Cons Of Having A Guy Bff:

Pros and Cons of Having a Boy Best Friend When You’re a Girl

He can get jealous. If your best friend suddenly realizes that he has a crush on you, he may be enraged when he sees you dating other guys.

You can fall in love with it YOURSELF. Yes, this also happens. Feelings can make your friendship very difficult, but if your best friend has the same feelings for you, CONGRATULATIONS! Now you have that special someone who loves you and understands you.

Sometimes him being SUPPORTIVE can become a PROTECTOR, and you may not like that. As a man, your best friend may feel the need to “start a war” whenever someone hurts your feelings, and that can make you uncomfortable.

So dear Olivia, it seems you have enjoyed all the benefits of being friends with a boy, and now is the time to pay the price. But don’t be angry, my friend.

THERE IS AT LEAST ONE THING you can do to save your friendship: talk to Mike! Yes, I know it might sound as nice as HAVING YOUR TOOTH right now, but you really need to do this.

Tell him that you only see him as your friend and that you APPRECIATE HIS FRIENDSHIP so much that just thinking about losing it gives you goosebumps. You have likely misinterpreted some of your signals and misinterpreted all of them. An honest conversation will help both of you realize what is really going on between you.

Dear followers, have your best friends ever fallen in love with you? If you are a girl with a boy’s best friend, what do you personally like and dislike about this relationship and why? Let’s discuss this in the comments!