It has become a fairly common habit to eat in front of our laptops. It can be any occasion: a quick lunch at the office or a lazy night with a movie. However, this habit has many negative effects that we must seriously consider.

Obesity, unhealthy food choices, and dissatisfaction are some of them, and the list goes on. We feel that health and life satisfaction should be a priority for everyone, so we want to share information about the risks of eating in front of the computer.

It Can Cause Bloating And Indigestion

Why You Should Put Your Laptop Aside While You Eat

To properly digest food, we must sit down and relax while we eat. Chewing food carefully helps break down larger particles into smaller ones, which aids indigestion. Any device or laptop will simply distract us from what and how we eat, and we will feel much worse after that.

You Don’t Realize How Much You Eat

Why You Should Put Your Laptop Aside While You Eat

When you multitask, it’s harder to focus. So while you may be finishing a lot of work, you’re not paying enough attention to how much you eat.

Like eating and watching TV, eating while working on the computer can cause you to consume more calories than planned.

You Eat Too Fast

Eating slowly is better for your health, especially digestion, weight, and nutrition. Catching something while running will force you to consume more calories. That is why you should put your laptop aside during meals and focus on what you are eating.

You Feel Less Full And Satisfied

Why You Should Put Your Laptop Aside While You Eat

If you are eating in front of your computer, you are probably paying more attention to what is happening on the screen than to your food.

So we eat more mindlessly and don’t taste and experience our food properly. As studies show, this makes food less satisfying and we also lose the signals that tell us we’ve had enough.

You Might Binge On Junk Food

Why You Should Put Your Laptop Aside While You Eat

Another common reason we shouldn’t eat in front of the screen, be it the television or the computer, is that we can choose quantity over quality. And processed foods seem to be one of the best options in these situations, as they are easier to take.

Additionally, we see food advertisements that primarily incite us to eat junk food, which can have a negative effect and ruin our diet.

You Might Snack More

Why You Should Put Your Laptop Aside While You Eat

One study found that eating your food in front of the computer will encourage another to chew later. It was observed that participants who ate lunch while playing computer games half an hour later ate more cookies than participants who ate lunch without distractions.

Researchers call this “food memory”: Eating in front of the computer almost makes us forget what our lunch consisted of, and we may feel like we want to eat a little more later.

Do you eat often in front of a laptop? Which of these results have you observed in yourself?