People born in May tend to be optimistic, while people born in November tend to view the world from the opposite side. Many researchers have tried to understand how one can be different depending on the season and month of birth, and they are succeeding.

One study says that the season and month of your birth can influence your personality and abilities. In fact, your health too, according to data collected from 1.7 million people, studying 1,688 conditions.

We were surprised by the findings and very accurate for us, so we decided to share the results with all of you.

How Your Birth Month Influences Your Health


Scientists Suggest Your Birth Month Influences Your Health and Personality

If you were born in January, you were born more than just a winter born, you were born in the first month of the new year, which means many different opportunities.

In fact, people born in January tend to pursue careers in medicine or debt collection or even become athletes. And they are more likely to get creative and famous.

Your health tends to be better than average and you are probably protected from most problems, but not cardiovascular disease.

Emotional health, however, may need more protection and attention: Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are very common among those born in January, although they are less likely to have an irritable temperament.


Scientists Suggest Your Birth Month Influences Your Health and Personality

Babies born in February tend to be happier in their lives and careers. Also, chances are high that you might have been born prematurely.

That means you were lighter as a baby, but as an adult, you can be shorter too. February is also creativity month and you may be pursuing a career as an artist and even becoming a famous person.

When it comes to health, you are quite protected from disease in general. In addition, it may have some protection against neurological, respiratory and reproductive diseases.


March is the month in which we receive the sun and if you were born this month, you are probably looking for the sunnier side of life.

Also, most people born in the spring can be exposed to hyperthymia, which means they are always in a good mood and optimistic.

When it comes to health, those born in March need to keep an eye on their cardiovascular system.


Like people born in March, April babies tend to be much more positive compared to people born in winter, summer, and fall. When it comes to careers, babies in April can have the opportunity to choose from different career opportunities.

You have very good protection against health problems in general (but you still have to take care of your cardiovascular system, since you tend to follow those born in March in this matter). Also, you are unlikely to have ADHD.


Scientists Suggest Your Birth Month Influences Your Health and Personality

If you were born in May, you can consider yourself the luckiest, like most people born this month apparently do. You were born to be optimistic. If you look at it from a career point of view, you don’t need to focus on just one career because your options are open.

The same goes for health. Those born in May are generally not prone to high-risk diseases and have high overall protection against them. However, according to studies, although they are optimistic, they are also prone to depression.


Scientists Suggest Your Birth Month Influences Your Health and Personality

With all the positive vibes that those born in March, April and May have, people in June do too. However, they are more prone to mood swings and can turn their happiness on and off very quickly.

Also, you can delay entering school, common for people born this month, but you can still make great academic gains, as studies show they have more time to mature before entering school.

In terms of health, there may be slight respiratory and cardiovascular risks, but June babies are generally healthy. Also, you may have some protection against reproductive diseases.


According to one study, if you were born in July, you may have the ability to self-regulate your emotional life and control your aggression. When it comes to talent, most of those born in July are artistic and maybe left-handed.

When it comes to health, you can have protection against reproductive and general health. Also, women born in July may enter puberty a little later.


Being born in August means fewer academic goals, but you are more numerous. According to statistics, 16-year data shows that most people are born in August.

Plus, you can have that brilliance, be optimistic, and exude the positivity that people born in spring have.

When it comes to health, the mood swings that come with being overly positive don’t put you at risk for bipolar disorders.

In fact, people born in summer are less likely to get it. Again, if you are a woman, you may have entered puberty later, which also means a healthier life in adulthood.


Scientists Suggest Your Birth Month Influences Your Health and Personality

People born in the fall generally experience low levels of depression. But if you were born in September, you may find yourself fighting this off and succeeding athletically.

Those born in September have a moderate risk of developing a disease but are more likely to have asthma and have some protection against cardiovascular disease in general.


Scientists Suggest Your Birth Month Influences Your Health and Personality

Like people born in September, those born in October tend to be excellent at sports. In fact, while most people born in the fall are tall, those born in mid-October can be even taller.

If you are one of those born in October, you may have a much higher chance of developing a disease. However, you may have a lower risk of cardiovascular problems.


People born in the fall, including November, tend to be hyper-focused. Combined with a low risk of depression, it can give you a head start in their life in pursuit of their goals. They also tend to be the most pessimistic.

People born in November, compared to people born in other months, have a higher risk of general illnesses, especially respiratory illnesses, but they may have the greatest protection against cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, ADHD peaks among those born in November.


If you were born in December, you may be one of the rarest people in the world, especially if your birthday is on the 24th or 25th of the month.

But when it comes to humor, you are not easily irritated and are much more stable than people who were born in summer.

December means you may be at higher risk for reproductive problems, but you tend to be in good general health. In fact, according to one study, you have a higher chance of living to 105 years or more.

What month were you born? Do your personality and health correspond to scientific discoveries and how?