Maintaining good habits requires more effort than we imagine, because, unlike bad ones, good ones require a lot of work and dedication.

Today, we would like to share 6 tips with you on how to cultivate good habits without running the risk of breaking them every time.

How To Cultivate Good Habits

6. Know Why You Want To Cultivate This Habit And How It Will Benefit You

6 Tips To Cultivate Good Habits Without Giving Up
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If you don’t have a specific reason, it won’t happen. Identify the reasons why you want to develop the habit. Think about what you will achieve by making it a part of your life.

5. Do It For Only 21 Days

The idea of ​​developing a habit for life seems overwhelming. But what if we only test it for 21 days? 21 days is the time necessary to create or break a new habit.

Once it is successfully maintained at the end of the 21 day period, it is easier to continue doing this.

4. Make Time For The New Habit In Your Schedule

6 Tips To Cultivate Good Habits Without Giving Up
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If the habit doesn’t show up on your schedule, you’re likely to drop it as the last thing you can do.

But if it’s on your schedule, you’ll be reminded every time you see the calendar, and you’ll also know that you shouldn’t schedule other activities during that time.

3. Identify Reinforcement Habits

Most of the habits are interconnected. For example, sleeping early and getting up early are obviously related.

Therefore, if you want to maintain a new habit, identify the other habits that are closely related to it, and eliminate the habits that do not help you.

2. Prevent Potential Problems

It is normal to encounter difficulties and obstacles when trying to cultivate a new habit.

A family reunion when you have just started a diet; a few rainy days when you began your daily exercise routine outdoors.

The key is to overcome problems and find a solution beforehand so that you know what to do when obstacles arise.

1. Follow Your Habits

Keeping track of your habits will motivate you to move forward, as it is a form of responsibility for yourself.

Track new habits for a period of 21 days. When the habit ends during the day, put a checkmark next to it.

If you skipped it, put a cross. Before you know it, your habits will be integrated into your daily routine.

Based on materials from Dumb little man