Are you Pakistani Cizten and want to study in Pakistan universities or study abroad, then this articles create for your need. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) legal institution of Pakistan to primary aim for financing, supervision, regulation of higher educational institutions of Pakistan. Every year HEC offer tons of fully funded scholarship to Pakistani student to study in local universities or study outside from Pakistan.

HEC plays a leading role in building a knowledge-based economy in Pakistan, offering hundreds of Bachelor, master and doctoral scholarships for education abroad every year. One of the most famous scholarship from HEC is the Indigenous Ph.D. Fellowship Program for Pakistani student.

Today we make of list of Top HEC scholarships to study in Pakistan. Note: for this scholarship only Pakistani applicant is eligible so if you are interested in study in Pakistan with a fully funded HEC national scholarship please explore below grants from HEC.

List Of HEC National Scholarship

1. Indigenous Ph.d. Fellowship Program

The specific objective of the Scholarship Program for 5000 Indigenous Peoples is to create a critical mass of highly qualified human resources in all advanced-level fields of study at local universities. These locally qualified researchers will improve the research and development in public and private institutions of Pakistan as well as in the industrial sector.

With the launch of the scheme, the research culture in public/private sector universities developed in accordance with international norms/standards. This project focuses on various disciplines belonging to all fields of science and technology, as well as social, humanities and life sciences.

To improve research facilities in these fields, the Higher Education Commission has funded many departments/universities to establish research laboratories. This has brought a tremendous change in the research culture of Pakistani universities. For How to Apply Indigenous Ph.d. Fellowship Click Below Link.

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2. Higher Education Opportunities For The Students Of Balochistan & Fata

HEC announces phase II of the project entitled “Provision of Higher Education Opportunities for the students of Balochistan & FATA”  for postgraduate and undergraduate studies in all subjects.

An outstanding and excellent student from Balochistan and FATA who carry out there MS/MPhil degree in Pakistan recognized institute are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. Scholarships are offered for the 2019-20 academic year in all thematic areas of the project entitled “Offering opportunities for higher education for students in Balochistan and FATA (Phase II)”.

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3. Gwadar-china Scholarship Program

The Pakistan Higher Education Commission, on behalf of the Government of Pakistan, announces the Gwadar Indigenous Scholarship Program. According to the determination of the Pakistani government to benefit the natives of Gwadar. The main objective is to produce motivated, qualified, educated and well-trained young people from Gwadar to take advantage of emerging employment opportunities through the China Economic Corridor in Pakistan.

To raise Baluchi Youth and Gwadar, in particular, with undergraduate qualifications, they received a 4-year BS / MA / MSc BS program in the main universities of Punjab and, in addition, 14-year-old or educationally qualified children. the equivalent will be provided in an international scholarship opportunity to learn the Chinese language in the main institutes or universities of native Chinese language teaching in the Chinese native environment.

This will help them take advantage of job opportunities at CPEC and adjacent projects by learning the predominant Chinese language; The main mode of communication.

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4. HEC National Need-Based Scholarships

In Pakistan, there is no shortage of talented young people, but in many cases, the lack of resources prevents them from realizing their potential. This becomes more problematic when it comes to accessing higher education. The Government of Pakistan recognizes these restrictions and has commissioned the Higher Education Commission to facilitate needy and deserving students through needs-based scholarships.

Scholarships were announced for students with financial disadvantages of up to 94 public sector universities and their campuses.
The scholarships aim to raise the socioeconomic level of students by allowing them to have the opportunity to obtain modern education and professional opportunities for a better future.

The objective of HEC National Need-Based Scholarships

Provide opportunities for talented but economically disadvantaged students and allow them to acquire high-quality education at renowned public sector institutions/universities.

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5. OGDCL Need-Based Scholarships Program

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in association with OGDCL provide scholarship to a Pakistani student who financially week and wants to study in undergraduate and graduate courses in Engineering, Business Administration, Law, Archeology, Defense and Strategic Studies. , Gender studies, History, Sociology, Animal Sciences, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Electronics, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Pak.

The OGDCL scholarship program offer through HEC to disadvanteg student from backward areas to purse study in pakistani universities and play a vital role in pakistan econmic development. The program has been specially developed to benefit students in the operational/concessional districts of OGDCL.

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6. Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme Scholarship Program

The scheme was initially introduced for five (5) years from the 2012-13 fiscal year, provided that the students who entered the plan in the last year, that is, the 2016-17 fiscal year, continue to be funded until they complete their academic program.

Financial coverage of the scheme:

  • Full tuition fees (for master’s, master’s / doctoral and doctoral programs)
  • Other Charges, which includes the application/registration fee, admission fee, exam fee, library fees (non-refundable), laboratory fees, academic activities related to research.

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7. USAID-funded Merit And Needs-based Scholarship Program

USAID provides scholarship to an academically qualified Pakistani student who wants to obtain higher education but due to lack of research they can not. In 2013, USAID launched the second phase of the program at an estimated total cost of $ 23.1 million. In Phase II, 3000 scholarships are added, while 50% of the scholarships are reserved for students.

USAID-funded Merit And Needs-based Scholarship offer in total 30 Pakistani universities which include 19 public sector universities and others from the private sector. New subjects such as Engineering and Technology, Medicine, Nursing and Social Sciences have also been included in the program.

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8. Indigenous Scholarship Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan

The Indigenous Scholarship program focuses on improving the research culture in local universities/research institutes. The Higher Education Commission facilitates indigenous academics with research facilities to explore solutions to local problems and contribute to the national cause. Under this scholarship program, 400 indigenous scholarships are offered to local Baluchis household owners based on district fees.

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9. HEC German Needs-Based Scholarship Program

The program began in 2013 with the help of the German government to extend a helping hand to disadvantaged students of selected Pakistani universities. Preference was given to FATA / Balochistan students, with special emphasis on the selection of more students. Phase I is complete and plans are underway for Phase II, which will be announced once approved.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Financial assistance and scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate studies in the disciplines prescribed in the ten selected Pakistani universities and institutions.
  • Students must compete to ensure admission to the discipline approved in the participating institution in accordance with the institution’s admission policy and must enroll in undergraduate (4 years) / postgraduate (2 years) programs.
  • Only students enrolled in the first professional year in the respective courses offered by participating institutions are eligible to enroll.
  • The eligibility of an applicant is linked to the need of the applicant as determined and evaluated by the financial context of his family.

#10. Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Education beyond intermediate school is a way to overcome poverty. However, access to higher education is distributed very unevenly. For example, only 0.4% of children in the lowest income quintile (of the relevant age cohort) are enrolled in institutions of higher education, well below the national average of 10%. Ehsaas scholarships aim to eliminate this unequal source of access.

According to the 2017 National Human Development Report, Pakistan is one of the youngest countries in the world. Realizing its demographic reality, which has a population of around 220 million, of which more than half have a university-age cohort, the priority of the Pakistani government is to work on programs that allow access to financial merits and They also encourage gender equity. …The strategy is to create opportunities for a considerable segment of young people, place them in the higher education network and create equitable educational opportunities for all. For how To Apply Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program Click Below Link.

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