Chinese government scholarship is one of the most popular scholarship in the world to study in China. Every year Chinese government and Chinese local government award thousand of fully funded scholarship to international student. According to Survey in 2018 Chinese scholarship ranked on the second number in the list of is easy to get scholarships. All Chinese scholarship awards under the China Scholarship Council.

There are many universities in china who provide fully-funded scholarship to all around the world student. These scholarships generally award for bachelor, master, doctoral, exchange program and short term summer program to study in china.

Today we create a list of Chinese universities scholarship who still accepting an application from international student. This list includes scholarship from the Chinese government, Chinese local government scholarship, Confusion scholarship CAS-TWAS scholarship and Chinese university scholarships. But befor we start please read the below question about Chinese scholarship.

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List of Chinese Universities Scholarship

  • Peking University Scholarship 2020
  • CAS-TWAS Scholarship
  • University of Science and Technology USTC Scholarship
  • Northwestern Polytechnical University Scholarship
  • NPU President Scholarship 2020 In China
  • Harbin Institute of Technology CSC Scholarship 2020

#1. Peking University Scholarship 2020

Peking university china is a major public research university in bejing, china and a member of the elite C9 League. Peking University also is known for its former name the Imperial University of Peking founded in 1898. The public university consists of 30 colleges and 14 departments with 93 specialties for bachelor program, 199 major for the graduate program and more than 173 major field areas for doctoral candidates. 

Peking University award many scholarship to an international student. This year Peking University will award more than 125 fully-funded scholarship in china for international student. This china scholarship only award for the Master’s program and the duration of this scholarship is one year.

Deadline: 6 December 2019

Scholarship Link:

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#2. CAS-TWAS Scholarship

Chinese Academy of Sciences and The World Academy of Science combined announced 500 full financing scholarship for international students to study in china for the period of 2020. The CAS is a Chinese research institue. The origin of the Chinese Academy of Science from Academia Sinica the Republican era.

CAS-TWAS offers scholarships for Master and Doctoral studies in china with 200 scholarship for master’s program and 300 scholarship for a doctoral program. The duration of the scholarship is 2-3 years for a master’s degree and 3-4 years for Ph.D. studies. CAS scholarship offer in Chinese and as well as English languages.

Deadline: 31 March 2020

Scholarship Link:

#3. University of Science and Technology USTC Scholarship China

The University of Science and Technology china is a public research university in Anhui, China, under the belt of the Chinese Academy of science and founded in 1958. USTC also is a member of the C9 League. Currently more than 15,500 student study at this university. The USTC consist of 13 schools and more than 27 departments including the Graduate School, School of Management (Beijing), the Software School.

The University of Science and Technology offer 43 bachelor program, 105 master program, 17 first category doctoral program, and 89-second category Ph.D. program. For the academic years of 2020 USTC offers a fully-funded scholarship for Bachelor, master and doctoral program.

All scholarship in china offer under Chinese government scholarships. The duration of the USTC bachelor scholarship is 4 years, the master scholarship is 2 years and doctoral scholarship 3-4 years.

Deadline: 31st March 2020

Scholarship Link:

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#4. Northwestern Polytechnical University Scholarship In China

The Northwestern Polytechnical University is a national research university under by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology located in Shaanxi, China. NPU China founded in 1938 and consist of 3600 Academic staff and more than 38000 student. in 2019 Northwestern Polytechnical University ranked on 27 by Chinese university ranking one of the famous rankings in china.

NPU China has 15 academic schools and offers 58 programs for bachelor study, 177 for master study and 67 for doctoral. Northwestern Polytechnical University every year offer scholarship under CSC scholarship for Master and Ph.D. program. The Duration of NPU master scholarship in China is 2-3 years and the NPU master scholarship is 3-4 years. The most beautiful thing about this scholarship is that it’s don’t required IETLS or TOFEL.

Deadline: 15th April 2020

Scholarship Link:

#5. NPU President Scholarship 2020

This scholarship also offers by Northwestern Polytechnical University. The above scholarship offer under Chinese Government scholarship but this award under the name of NPU President scholarship. Northwestern Polytechnical University President Scholarship 2020 award for Master and Doctoral study in China. The application procedure is different from the above scholarship.

NPU president scholarship program 2020 Is a fully funded scholarship in China for all over the world student to pursue Bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.

Deadline: May 15th, 2020

Scholarship Link:

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#6. Harbin Institute of Technology CSC Scholarship 2020

Harbin Institute of Technology is a national research university and also a member of elite C9 Leauge located. HIT is a first-class Chinese Ministry of Education university founded in 1920. HIT ranked in top position in the field of science and engineering and ranked 6th best global universities list by U.S. News in 2017-2020. More than 1365 international student currently studying at HIT.

HIT offers a fully-funded scholarship under the Chinese Government scholarship to an international student for study in China. Harbin Institute of Technology offers a scholarship for the Master and doctoral program. The duration of the HIT Master scholarship is 2-3 years and the HIT doctoral scholarship is 3-4 years.

Deadline: 25th December 2019

Scholarship Link:

What does the Chinese government scholarship cover?

First of all Chinese Government Scholarship is fully funded and cover full tuition fees for your whole degree, provide free accommodation, Coverall living expense, health insurance for the entire study program.