Because they are strong, women are becoming more educated, entering the job market, and always finding ways to make things happen. Even so, peeking at methods and what men do in their daily lives can help women prosper even more.

We believe that men and women can learn positive traits from each other. But today we would like to focus on the characteristics that women can learn from men.

Looking For Beauty In The Mirror

Men Share 5 Habits That Make Their Lives Easier, and Women May Want to Take a Peek

Unfortunately, some women are very critical when looking in the mirror. On the other hand, men hardly see any flaws in their appearance. While it can be assumed from these findings that men are more conceited than women, the results reveal otherwise.

Women look in the mirror to see if there are any blemishes, such as acne, gray hair, wrinkles, or faulty makeup, while men look at themselves in amazement and to make sure they look good in person.

The men gave the following tips on what to do while looking in the mirror:

  • “There are some [men] who do this to try to increase their self-esteem.”
  • “At the end of the week, you can look in the mirror and admire the progress, tell yourself how beautiful you look, stroke your ego a bit.”
  • “Go to the mirror and look at yourself until you can tell I’m okay with this.”

What women can learn from men: Look in the mirror to see what’s great about yourself. This can help you be less critical of your appearance.

Accepting Breakups In A Better Way

Men Share 5 Habits That Make Their Lives Easier, and Women May Want to Take a Peek

When it comes to breakups, one study found that women find more excuses to explain why things just didn’t work out. Many movies portray this scenario in a similar way, where a couple breaks up and the boy goes out to a party or hangs out with his friends, while the girl cries over ice cream or cries on the phone with a close friend or sister.

“[When it comes to breakups, I as a man] remember my limits and standards, and if they weren’t met, especially in this drastic case, then I’m wasting precious time just thinking about it.”

“First off, hit the gym and go beast mode, your confidence will increase and you will have new goals to work on.”

“Start taking care of yourself. The busier you are, the less you think about them [ex-partner]. Set goals and achieve them. The next thing you know, you start loving yourself more than before.”

What Women Can Learn From Men: After a breakup, regain your cool and move on!

Practicing “less Is More.”

Men Share 5 Habits That Make Their Lives Easier, and Women May Want to Take a Peek

Stereotypically, women’s bathrooms are completely different from men’s. The image of finding a sink cluttered with an abundance of feminine beauty products may sound familiar to some of us.

The problem with having too many items in the bathroom is that you can lose track of what is usable and what has expired. Unfortunately, the humidity and heat in the bathroom can negatively affect your cosmetics.

On the other hand, men’s bathrooms tend to be simple, clean, and organized.

  • “I can’t understand why women make their side of the bathroom so dirty.”
  • “[She’s going to screw up the bathroom] and say, ’You left the toilet seat up.’”

What women can learn from men to get good results: Have a free sink and shower, and tidy up your bathrooms with lots of objects.

Seeing clothes as just clothes

Men Share 5 Habits That Make Their Lives Easier, and Women May Want to Take a Peek

Although their closets are already exploding, some women feel like they still have nothing to wear. Surprisingly, men are not afraid to repeat the same outfit or mix and match what they already have.

“That is an advantage that boys have [repeating the same clothes]. Nobody cares. For women, there is too much facade that they need to show to society ”.

“There is no double standard in the sense that women cannot wear repeated clothing. The only people who shame women for doing this are other women, so women are likely to impose double standards if any. “

What Women Can Learn From Men: You can use minimalism in clothing to benefit yourself and your wallet.

Having A Clear Understanding That Opinions Are Not Personal In The Workplace

Men Share 5 Habits That Make Their Lives Easier, and Women May Want to Take a Peek

Sometimes women are afraid to share their opinions because they may take things too personally or because they feel like they need to be asked or invited before saying something.

That’s what expert Nell Merlino shares about the work environment. Men tend to say impromptu things and are not afraid of being judged for it, which usually works to their advantage.

“Men are very good at establishing their credentials in the workplace, sometimes repeatedly, to inspire confidence in the people around them.”

“I clearly see how confident and comfortable guys are at work talking about themselves, women aren’t.”

Tips Women Can Learn From Men: Inspire confidence and remind leaders in your workplace how helpful and collaborative you can be.

What are the other lessons that women should learn from men? What is your favorite and what advice do you think you should adopt?