Let’s face it, no one knows every little detail about being hired for a new job. There is no global rule book that tells you what to do and what to avoid. These are things that come with experience and after making a few mistakes first.

Yes, you know the basics, how to be civil and polite, but you still need to learn what to say when your boss asks you something complicated. We are now sharing 5 crucial workplace facts to know before going to work tomorrow morning.

Don’t Rush To Accept A Promotion

5 Workplace Secrets That Career Coaches Want Us to Know but Bosses Don’t

A pay rise or a promotion often comes with additional responsibilities that you may not be ready to take on. You need to think about whether the time is right or whether you have the right skills for the new roles.

You may not be a huge fan of your team either, and therefore actively looking for another job. Or you’re just not interested in climbing the ladder because you like your current position more than anything else.

If you decide to decline the promotion, be honest with your employer about your reasons. Explain why you think you are not ready to take that leap and what skills you need to hone a bit more.

Be sure to share your strong commitment to the company so your employer knows how passionate you are. You don’t want them to suspect that you are considering leaving the company.

Your Manager Isn’t Responsible For Firing You

5 Workplace Secrets That Career Coaches Want Us to Know but Bosses Don’t
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In large companies, there are several managers responsible for different sectors of the business. They are responsible for their team and its performance, but they do not have the power to fire anyone.

And even if you are fired, the decision will not be left to your manager alone. They will have to speak to the boss and explain the situation to them before making the announcement.

However, you will likely be assigned a performance improvement plan before you are laid off.

Even If You’re The Best, You Won’t Get Promoted Instantly

5 Workplace Secrets That Career Coaches Want Us to Know but Bosses Don’t
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Many graduates enter their first job with the intention of moving up the ranks in the first few months. However, your company doesn’t need to acknowledge your incredible work and offer you a promotion just because you want to. They need you to continue to do your job correctly and contribute to your goals.

Don’t forget that you are starting at the bottom and you need to prove yourself before moving up. Don’t expect a promotion for the first 1-2 years. There are likely many more people ahead of you who also deserve a promotion.

The It Person Likely Knows A Lot About Your Online Activity

5 Workplace Secrets That Career Coaches Want Us to Know but Bosses Don’t
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Let’s say that everything you do on your work computer is visible to the IT department and your boss. For starters, your emails are archived indefinitely, even personal ones.

All your internet usage is being monitored and even if you delete your browser history nothing will change. Your phone activity can also be tracked if it is connected to your company’s Wi-Fi network.

Also, some companies install software that saves every word you type to Google and all other applications in the cloud. These keywords are then evaluated and you may run into trouble if you are searching for inappropriate things.

In addition, their productivity is monitored and if they do not meet company standards, the team manager is notified.

HR Won’t Support You Over The Business

5 Workplace Secrets That Career Coaches Want Us to Know but Bosses Don’t
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HR is the department you will go to if you have been harassed or want training. However, don’t expect them to resolve any issues you may have with your manager.

Ultimately, the company pays them to meet their needs. They just need to make sure that everyone behaves in accordance with the law.

And that is why, if you report something that violates the law, they will have to break your confidentiality. They are obliged to inform the authorities so that they can investigate the matter in depth.

Therefore, if you experience racial discrimination or abuse, your complaint may not come between you and them.

Will you be more careful from now on what you research online at work? And are you going to start being more honest with your boss every time you make a mistake?