If you look back in time, you can probably remember your first childhood friends, the ones you trusted first. Yes, we are talking about your cousins.

You probably have cousins ​​who were born around the same time as you. These are the ones that were and still are the most important to you. They have been by your side since day one and are still your best friends now.

We will now explain why you bond with cousins ​​your age.

They Feel Like Siblings

Why Cousins of the Same Age Have a Special Bond
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You and your cousins ​​share the same blood. They are your brothers who do not live in the same house as you. This can sometimes be a good thing, as you won’t be involved in fights as much as your normal siblings.

In fact, they are the ones you can talk to if you are fighting with your brothers.

You Share Childhood Memories Together

You and your cousin grew up together in the same place and were raised similarly. You will remember your first memories with them forever.

They were one of the first people to cheer on your victories and vice versa. You used to share your toys and even your clothes with them.

You Went Through Puberty Together

Why Cousins of the Same Age Have a Special Bond
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As in childhood, they also spent adolescence together. They shared their early teenage accomplishments with them and helped each other get through the challenging high school years.

You told them about your first passions and they talked about theirs.

You Confess Your Secrets To Them

You have known them almost since you remember them and you know that your biggest secrets are safe with them.

Secrets that will be taken to the grave if you tell them. You can tell them everything, they are your best listeners and they will give you the best advice.

They Won’t Judge You

They probably know you better than anyone. They won’t judge you for the stupid things you do and they will always haunt you.

They know the reasons why you did the things you did and will not question them. They will only help you.

Family Gatherings Are Never Boring

You played together as children and teenagers and still play as adults. Since You were children and until now their family gatherings have never been boring for them.

Even if you are married, there is nothing better than sitting next to your cousins.

They Are Your Life Long Best Friends

YOu went through everything together. You shared everything and every aspect of your life with them. And you still do.

Even though the two of you have grown up and live far from each other and don’t see each other very often, as long as you’re together it seems like you’ve never been apart.

How many cousins ​​do you have? Do you have a special bond with them?

Share your best childhood memories with your cousins ​​in the comments below!

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