They say that feelings and emotions originate from the heart. But the true source is our head. That is why strict rules, mathematical equations, and pure chemistry are involved.

We put together a dozen rules that our human brain follows when it comes to love.

8. With A Smile, The Brain Can Identify If Closer Contact Can Be Established Or If There Is Hidden Aggression

8 Unexpected Things Science Has Got to Say About Love

The smile is a specific type of grin that appeared on the faces of the first human beings when something invaded their privacy.

Our brain can distinguish a sincere smile caused by sympathy, recognizing the movements of the facial muscles.

And this is how you can identify if a person is hiding the aggression or is open to communicating.

7. Our Brain Likes People Who Look Like Our Relatives. On One Condition…

Women often choose partners who look like their parents or siblings. Men prefer women who look like their mothers and sisters.

Our brain tries to find a “twin” with whom the probability of having strong genes will be the highest.

However, it only works if men or women have an emotional relationship with their relatives.

6. Symmetry And Certain Proportions Are Also Beautiful

8 Unexpected Things Science Has Got to Say About Love
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Body symmetry is a sign of health. The brain likes rough, prominent features in men and soft, plump features in women.

By evaluating the body of another person, the brain visually determines the correlation between the waist and the hips.

At the same time, the width of the shoulders and the size of the breasts do not matter.

5. The Brain Follows Fashion Trends When Choosing A Partner

If the brain lacks sufficient experience or knowledge, it chooses the partner closest to the publicly recognized ideal of beauty.

So when we are young, we can easily fall in love with celebrities or those who look like top models on the cover of Vogue.

4. It Is Important To Speak The Same Language, Even If It’s Just The Language Of Love

8 Unexpected Things Science Has Got to Say About Love

We instinctively like people who have the same vocabulary, use similar expressions and speech constructions and think like us.

Our brain is a peacemaker and prefers like-minded people. This will exclude conflict situations.

3. The More You Touch, The Stronger The Attraction. If There Was One In The First Place …

8 Unexpected Things Science Has Got to Say About Love

The brain perceives touch in 2 steps: first, it recognizes who touched it and only then evaluates the action.

It will find the touch pleasant only if there is sympathy between the two of you. And each new touch will only increase the whole impression.

2. The More Common Interests And Values ​​you Have, The More Your Brain Likes Your Partner

They say that opposites attract and parallel lines never meet. In real life, the more partners have in common, the more likely they are to become a true team capable of withstanding difficulties. This type of partner has a better chance of survival.

1. Our Brain Prefers Responsible People Who Provide Warmth And Comfort

Following our reproductive instincts, our brains prefer responsible partners who can raise a healthy child. When the relationship is full of warmth, oxytocin and vasopressin are released in our body.

Thanks to these hormones, partners can easily understand each other and deal with stress in complicated situations. Because raising children is not the easiest task.

From a scientific point of view, your brain can make you fall in love with the wrong person to gain experience.

You don’t have to worry about unfortunate cases. Each decision is made first by your brain and by yourself in a fraction of a second. Your brain tries to choose the best and simplest options.

But if you don’t have enough experience, it will force you to make a mistake. Every failure is an experience that you must get to find your true love.