The human brain is capable of solving the most complex problems, which is why scientists compare it to a supercomputer! But what if your personal computer started sharing your private information with strangers?

We present some incredible examples of how the inner workings of our brains can affect our behavior and reveal our innermost secrets – even the ones we never knew existed!

Secrets of The Human Brain

10. If you can’t stop looking at someone, this means that…

…you feel sympathy for this person, and your brain perceives that it has missed some important detail in his or her appearance.

9. If you often lose in arguments, this means that…

…most likely, you are a highly intellectual person. You tend to analyze all available information. During a dispute, you keep assessing yourself and often come to realize that your arguments need further proof.

Less intelligent people aren’t capable of such self-assessment, which makes them more confident in defending their (erroneous) views.


8. If you are overly sensitive to criticism, then…

…you’re an insecure person. You’re more sensitive to bad words than to praise (since criticism highlights your perceived shortcomings).

When someone speaks of you negatively, your brain interprets this as an atypical situation that presents a threat and responds by producing the hormone cortisol.


7. If you have sloppy handwriting, this means that…

10 Examples of How Our Brain Can Give Out All Our Secrets

…your brain works faster than your hands. The speed at which you think prevents you from wasting time on maintaining neatness in writing.


6. If you can’t get rid of some harmful habit, then…

…you’re quite a lazy individual. Your brain is using such habits so you can rest and work with the least possible expenditure of effort (because, by repeating some well-memorized actions, you conserve energy). Therefore, the brain tries to turn any recurring action into a habit.


5. Suddenly forgetting what you wanted to do or where you were about to go means that…

…consciously or subconsciously, you’re preoccupied with some other problem. Our short-term memory capacity is really small.

When our brain is dealing with several tasks at once, a glitch might occur, leading to one piece of data completely forcing out another.


4. If, while in a hurry, you can’t find the things you’re looking for (even though they’re right before your very eyes), then…

…your eyes are faster than your thoughts. Your brain doesn’t have time to process the information it receives from your eyes.

This can be due to nervous tension when the brain becomes too slow at analyzing visual information.


3. If your dreams often involve things you did during the day, then…

…you spend too much time doing repetitive work. Your brain interprets such activity as a signal to learn and starts processing the information as you sleep, to better assimilate daytime experiences.

Fact: scientificamerican

2. If you can’t remember someone’s name, even though you recognize his or her face, then…

10 Examples of How Our Brain Can Give Out All Our Secrets

…you’re clearly a visual kind of person. Meeting someone for the first time fills your brain with lots of new information, so, to save energy, it goes for the things that are easier to memorize. In your case, this means visual data.


1. If you get motion sickness in vehicles, this means that…

…your body thinks it’s being poisoned. Your eyes and muscles signal that you’re at rest, while your vestibular system perceives movement. The brain interprets these conflicting signals as poisoning, and you start to feel sick.

Fact: smithsonianmag