In theory, all of our experiences make us better and stronger. Being optimistic, taking control of your own life, and not feeling sorry for yourself are just some of the characteristics we should work on.

Do you think you have any of these? We present 11 characteristics of a mentally strong person, according to Amy Morin, psychotherapist, and mental strength specialist.

11. You Know How To Keep Emotions And Logic In Balance

If You Have These Characteristics, You Are a Mentally Strong Person

It is not about whether you are governed by your emotions or by common sense. It is knowing how to maintain the balance of both, seeing clearly when emotions prevail over logic in decision-making.

If you are mentally strong, you know how to balance the two.

10. You Face The Fears That Hold You Back

Most people avoid their fears; some people try to face their fears only to look directly in front of others. But mentally strong people have nothing to prove.

They face and overcome the fears that prevent them from being a better version of themselves.

9. You Celebrate Other People’s Success

If You Have These Characteristics, You Are a Mentally Strong Person
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Being mentally strong means knowing how to cooperate. The success of others never makes you jealous.

On the contrary, mentally strong people know how to celebrate other people’s happiness and success.

8. You Live And Make Decisions According To Your Values

If you live by your values ​​and understand your priorities, you will never have a problem making a decision. This ability makes people mentally strong.

7. You Care About Improving Your Skills Rather Than Showing Them Off

In general, people tend to seek approval from other people. But mentally strong people focus on improving their skills without seeking recognition.

6. You See Difficulties As Opportunities

Every obstacle and problem that you face is just another opportunity to grow. People are often irritated by difficulties, but mentally strong people accept challenges and improve.

5. You Get Back Up After You Fall Down

For mentally strong people, failure is not the end of the road, but the beginning. They believe that the path they have chosen will lead to success.

4. You Are A Realistic Optimist

Mentally strong people are extremely optimistic. When facing obstacles, they hope for the best, but at the same time, they always keep both feet on the ground.

3. You Don’t Squabble Over Trifles

If You Have These Characteristics, You Are a Mentally Strong Person

It is natural to strive for perfection, but a mentally strong person knows there is no point in losing patience due to small flaws, especially those of other people.

2. You’re Ready To Solve Problems

You can complain about your problems and keep making noise about the little things. Or you can start to solve problems, just like mentally strong people.

1. You’re Always Ready To Learn

A new day, a new person, or a new experience is just another opportunity to learn something. No matter what life throws at them, mentally strong people are always eager to learn.

Based on materials from Business Insider

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