If you are in what appears to be a serious and dedicated relationship and you finally decide to say “I love you”, only for the other person’s response to go from “thank you” to complete silence, your world will feel like it’s crumbling down.

And now you start to wonder if the other person is being as honest and open with you as you thought. But their inability to open up to you about their feelings should certainly make you think things through.

We want to alert you to 5 red flags that your partner may be faking their love for you.

They Profess Their Love More On Social Media And Around Friends Than They Do In Private

5 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

Posting photo after photo on Instagram showing how wonderful you are is a great sign of insecurity. Also, if your partner is kind and considerate only when you’re out with friends, that should be a red flag.

Their affection shouldn’t stop when you’re home alone. So if the gestures of love stop and the silence begins behind closed doors, then your partner likes to make a “show of affection” for society to see.

It is quite possible that your partner rates happiness by the level of success in your relationship. So if people online comment on what a great couple you are, it will translate to happiness for them.

And they consider your relationship to be successful as long as their online presence is perceived in a positive light.

Your Conversations Are Drier Than The Sahara Desert

5 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

A healthy and deep relationship requires both partners to be open to talking about themselves and the world around them. However, your partner doesn’t start a conversation unless they need something from you.

And even when you try to start an argument, it seems like they are not interested in what you say. There is absolutely no progression through the topics, and even the topics it covers are super boring and short.

They Try To Change You And Your Habits

5 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

Both of you may have certain characteristics that you don’t love about each other. And in fake relationships, your partner is likely to want to change the things they don’t like about you.

Basically, they ask you to sacrifice yourself to please them and their needs. They put themselves above you and your connection, and if you don’t meet their demands, you’re in trouble.

They Don’t Work With You To Find Solutions To Problems

5 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

Conflicts and misunderstandings are common in relationships and it takes the work of both partners to resolve them. You must both accept your responsibilities and meet somewhere in between.

However, your partner is not interested in doing any of this, and they simply walk away in hopes that the storm will subside. They just don’t mind listening to your concerns.

Not only that, but they don’t seem to care about your feelings and how they might have hurt you. A loving partner should care about you and how your actions negatively affect you. You shouldn’t poke around for an answer that doesn’t solve anything.

You’re Not Their Priority

5 Subtle Signs of Fake Love

Your partner is likely to cancel your plans too often, citing cheap excuses. They may also profess their sadness about it and that it is “not in their hands” to control the situation.

Although canceling plans here and there is normal, when this behavior continues for a long time, it may not be a high enough priority for them.

It’s not about doing crazy activities or going on a hike with your friends, it’s about putting down roots. So if they ask you to take a long walk or go to the beach together, they are trying to have a good time with you.

They can even rearrange their entire schedule if that’s what they need to do to see you.

Do you recognize any of the above behaviors in your relationship? What would you do to solve the problems and possibly find a solution?