Marital relationships are unions that begin with a “yes” and presumably last a lifetime. However, things have changed lately. According to statistics, the divorce rate in the US alone is high, ranging from 43-to 46% for first-time marriages.

In fact, two-thirds of all divorces are initiated by women, which seems a bit paradoxical since women want to get married more than the partner in the relationship.

We decided to investigate the reasons why women are more likely to file for divorce these days. So keep scrolling to find out!

Women Are More Tempted By A Satisfying Career Than The Housewives Role

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Before, men had to leave the house to bring money home, while wives had to stay home with the children. Today, women are no longer willing to put up with the status quo. They want to be educated, successful, and earn their own income.

After getting married, they hope to live a life that offers them professional and marital satisfaction. So if something is likely to jeopardize the career you’ve been building or dreaming of, it may not stay there for long.

The Benefits They Gain From Marriage May Be Less Than What Men Gain From Marriage


Women of this era no longer depend on men to provide them with resources, be it food, protection, or financial stability. They are more independent and do not need their partners to help them live the life they want.

Therefore, it is proven that men are the ones who benefit the most from marriages. A woman can turn a house into a home, she can help her partner achieve financial stability, and most importantly, she will be there to support his personal growth.

Women Often Take On More Of The Emotional Burden


Women want emotional support from their life partners. If the wife is unable to communicate with her husband about her problems, or even strike up a conversation without hurting herself each time, she may begin to feel lonely.

While men may not take this type of problem seriously, it does affect them mentally, physically, and certainly emotionally. Over time, she will feel left out and her emotions will overwhelm her, making it impossible to maintain the marriage.

Women No Longer Tolerate Consistent Unacceptable Behavior


It seems that women today have a lower tolerance for inappropriate behavior than ever before. If there is infidelity, emotional abuse, or any kind of harmful behavior, women tend to file for divorce.

According to a divorce mediator and coach, “Today’s modern woman is less likely to tolerate infidelity. Once the honeymoon period is over, some men drastically change their behavior from romantic to controlling. Unfortunately, this happens in many marriages and women don’t want to put up with it anymore.”

Women Have High And Complex Expectations About Marriage


Social media and movies may have spread the wrong image about marriage. It’s not always roses and butterflies, this union requires work, sacrifices, commitment, and above all respect. When women are hit by reality tensions arise.

The expectations are now much higher than before. Women not only want to start a family, but they also want emotional intimacy, communication, personal growth, and shared responsibility. When you realize that these criteria are not met, you can start a divorce instantly.

What do you think drives a wife to ask for a divorce? We’d love to know what you think!

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