According to recent surveys, 44% of couples believe that fighting more than once a week helps them maintain healthy and productive relationships for a long time. In fact, couples who argue often but always at peace are more likely to stay together because, despite all the little misunderstandings, they know that their love is true and sincere.

We have learned why fighting every once in a while can be good for your relationships.

Couples Who Fight Often Love Each Other More

Fighting Makes Your Connection Stronger

Scientists Claim That Couples Who Fight a Lot Really Love Each Other
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When you argue with your partner, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. The most valuable thing is that you learn a lot about others and, more importantly, about yourself.

Small conflicts help both of you reveal your true nature and show your partner how to handle it. And if you can overcome all the challenges together, you will learn how to compromise and strengthen the bond between you.

Fighting Relieves Your Resentment

Scientists Claim That Couples Who Fight a Lot Really Love Each Other
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Being in a relationship is not that easy: if you care about your partner, you always have to push your limits. And if they don’t do the same for you, you may start to feel resentful.

Failing to stand your ground when it comes to things that are important to you can make your partner think that they can have whatever they want, and your resentment will only increase. That is the path to an unhealthy relationship.

The best way to deal with this problem is to let out your negative feelings and show your partner that the two of you are equal in your own needs.

Fighting Means You’re More Likely To Stay Together

Scientists Claim That Couples Who Fight a Lot Really Love Each Other
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According to some studies, the biggest mistake couples often make is to avoid it; we often feel that something is wrong, but we don’t say anything. And this miscommunication becomes the most common reason for the breakup.

While you may believe that discussing sensitive topics won’t do your relationship any good, that’s not true. Fighting allows you to focus on your problems and solve them before they get too big. That is why couples who argue together stay together for a long period of time.

Fighting Reveals Your Passion

Scientists Claim That Couples Who Fight a Lot Really Love Each Other
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Some couples really enjoy intense discussions because they increase their hormone levels. Unconsciously, these people know that fighting is just a sign of their passion, and their disagreement will turn into even more passionate makeup.

If you want to keep your relationship strong and prosperous, you need to let your emotions out every now and then instead of holding them back. But don’t forget to end any discussion in a positive way.

Fighting Saves You From Boredom

Scientists Claim That Couples Who Fight a Lot Really Love Each Other
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Even if you have been together for several years, there will always be some things that you disagree with. And that’s not bad – constructive conflict can ignite the spark in your relationship and make it more exciting.

Imagine how boring your love would be if the two of you always agreed on everything! So don’t panic the next time you feel like there is going to be an argument between you and your loved one. Instead, try to make it beneficial for your relationship and future life together.

How To Have A Healthy Fight With Your Partner

It is always important to remember that there is a difference between a “good fight” and a “bad fight” and only good can be beneficial to your relationship.

Here are some tips to follow to turn your argument into a productive discussion:

Respect each other. You are both human beings with your own weaknesses, so do not hit below the waist or press things that could irreversibly hurt your partner.

Apologize. If you were wrong, admit it and say you’re sorry. This little action will not make you feel weaker. Rather, it will show your partner that you still care about them.

Get straight to the point. Never bring up the experience of your past relationships or the mistakes of your partner that you have abandoned. You only have one point to speak, so be precise.

Do not use third parties. Involving your friends or relatives in the conversation can make your partner feel isolated and disrespectful, so do your best to resolve the issue yourself before speaking to anyone.

How often do you fight with your partner? Do you always come to an agreement? Share your experience with us in the comments!