Being in love often inspires people. Scientists have studied the reasons why our behavior changes so dramatically when we are in love. They connect this change in behavior with the different “love hormones” such as dopamine and oxytocin, which influence our emotions. But does this feeling really get you drunk like wine and could it be the cure for pain?

We decided to see how scientists explain popular stereotypes about the crazy things people do when they are in love. These real signs and feelings can help you understand what goes through your head when you are in love.

This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Fall in Love

People In Love Act Like They Are Drunk

6 Strange but Real Things That Happen to Us When We Fall in Love
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After a few glasses of wine, it becomes easier to communicate, even with people we hardly know, we become more confident, and fear and anxiety disappear. Oxytocin, one of the “love” hormones, influences the body in exactly the same way as alcohol.

Have you ever noticed that drunk people want to hug everyone around them? Oxytocin is also called the “hug hormone” because it makes us want to be physically close to other people.

People In Love Gain Weight Or Lose It

6 Strange but Real Things That Happen to Us When We Fall in Love
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There is a popular expression in psychology called “love pounds.” Many couples gain weight early in a relationship. Maybe it’s because we’re trying to offset the energy our bodies use, or maybe it’s because we go to cafes and restaurants twice as often.

In fact, scientists have found that couples who have gained weight together are more satisfied with their relationships. Researchers believe this is because couples feel less pressure and fear being rejected for their appearance.

However, not all couples gain weight. American studies of oxytocin produced in people in love have shown that it reduces hunger and regulates metabolism. Therefore, butterflies in your stomach can also indicate that you are losing weight.

Their Voice Changes

6 Strange but Real Things That Happen to Us When We Fall in Love

American scientists conducted an unusual study. They asked people who had recently started a romantic relationship to make several phone calls. Other participants heard their voices and could easily tell if they were talking to a friend or their boyfriend.

During conversations with their boyfriends and girlfriends, women’s voices became quieter and men’s voices louder. Scientists believe this is because partners want to be equal.

Being In Love Is Like An Obsession Or An Addiction

6 Strange but Real Things That Happen to Us When We Fall in Love

Think of a time when you were in love. You probably kept thinking about the person you were in love with, you wanted to spend as much time with them as possible, and your friends always said that you were obsessed.

Anthropologist Helen E. Fisher discovered that when a person is in love, the same parts of the brain are active as when a person is addicted to cocaine. That is why we want to be with the people we fall in love with more and more and feel bad when we are not together.

People In Love Can’t Fall Asleep

6 Strange but Real Things That Happen to Us When We Fall in Love
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Many of us are used to thinking that people in love spend sleepless nights thinking about their partners. However, Swiss studies show that, on average, a person in love sleeps an hour less at night. And none of the participants felt tired, so the quality of sleep was not affected.

The Hearts Of People In Love Jump Out Of Their Chests


Sweating, racing heartbeat, flushed face – these are obvious signs of anxiety. But in fact, the very beginning of the development of a romantic attraction, called limerence, is accompanied by the same symptoms.

So if you think someone is turning your face red, you are probably in love.

Did you fell in love? What crazy things have you done for someone you love?