Over the years, what has caused many problems between men and women is the different ways of seeing things.

Men and women somehow differ in the way they express their feelings.

While most women are very expressive about their feelings, most men are not that good at expressing their emotions. It is not natural for men.

Many men see expressing their emotions at all times as a sign of weakness. And naturally, no man wants to appear weak in front of a woman. Very often men prefer to suppress their feelings.

Women often say that men are arrogant because they rarely apologize when they’re wrong. However, the reality is that men often apologize, but it may not be in a language that women understand.

He brings up a different topic

Most men tend to apologize to a woman as a couple. And they wonder why she is so clueless.

Suppose a man offends another man, he does not need to have a formal meeting to apologize. If they can successfully discuss another event together, an apology has been given and accepted. And they keep going.

Suppose, after an argument with your man, he calls you and asks how your day is going; he probably realized he was wrong.

And calling you to ask how your day is going, for him it’s an apology

Chances are, after a successful conversation with you, he thinks he has apologized. And he thinks you accepted his apology.

However, if you bring up the argument again, he’ll be surprised because he can’t understand why you would bring up a problem that he thinks has been solved.

He keeps quite

Another subtle way for men to apologize to women is like this: When a man realizes he’s wrong, he stops arguing and stays calm. The woman can keep talking or fighting, but he can’t say anything. This could indicate that he realized what he did was wrong and is sorry.

How do women want men to apologize?

While most men apologize indirectly, women prefer direct apologies.

Women prefer a guy to come in and say he’s sorry for what happened and probably promise that it won’t happen again.

Most women won’t accept that a man has apologized until he comes and apologizes directly by genuinely saying, “I’m sorry.”

here is my advice

Men must learn to accept their mistakes. It is not a sign of weakness (as many men believe). Rather, it is a sign of maturity.

Also, every man should learn to apologize in a language women understand by saying, “I’m sorry!”

Massy Arias once said:

Maturity: Apologize when you are at fault. Admit your mistakes and learn not to make them again.

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