A man’s path to “the one” often includes a few different types of girls, and psychologist Samantha Rodman believes that each girl can be classified as a certain type. Without trying to offend anyone, she divided all the women that men are likely to meet into 6 categories.

We believe that most women fall into one of these categories, so let’s talk about the types of girls your future love has dated or will date.

Type № 1: Daddy’s girl

These girls are not ready to let a second man into their lives and pay enough attention to him. Despite their age, this category of women continues to ask their parents for help all the time: they receive calls from their daughter in all situations where she needs support or help.

In this situation, even meeting your father is not going to help. Whatever a boy does, he will never be better than her father.

And according to Samantha, the end of that relationship is more likely to make a man feel worse than the woman who will likely have the opportunity to spend more time with her father.

Type № 2: Party animal

This girl definitely knows where the happy parties are and which clubs are the best. If a man wants to accompany her, he will have to be good at meeting and hanging out with many people she knows.

They will keep you informed of the latest events that can easily irritate the man unless of course, he is a party animal himself.

You will never get bored with this girl because she always knows where the action is. But when a man wants to spend a night at home, he shouldn’t have to compete with her social life.

Type № 3: Good student

You can have a very long and interesting conversation with this girl. But only if she finds time for that because she is literally obsessed with studies and takes extra classes and extracurricular activities.

Anyone who thinks that studying is the most important thing in life will hardly have time for anything else. And breaking up will probably not be a serious problem for her, because she always has something to distract her.

Type № 4: Miss Jealousy

Jealousy in a relationship is normal, but only when it doesn’t get out of control. A girl who always reads between the lines and looks for a reason to be angry is strange.

These girls are afraid of being alone, they are afraid that their man will choose another person or cheat on them with their friends or colleagues.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to prove to this girl that you really like her colleague’s car and that you are not coveting her. When you’re done, she’ll probably think it’s because you met someone else.

Type № 5: Fan of gossip

Most of the time, these girls love to talk because they want to tell the man everything they know about other people. And it is not always good. This girl doesn’t want to hurt other people, she just loves to talk.

In a relationship with this girl, men often think that “losing jealousy” is a better option because at least she thinks about him instead of thinking and talking about completely different people.

Type № 6: A girl your mother will love

Men are generally very comfortable around these girls and may even think that she is the only one. And everything is fine until she meets his mother.

As soon as he introduces them, they find something to talk about right away and keep talking until they forget someone else is around.

It is very likely that this man will soon have the feeling that his girlfriend is in a relationship with him and his mother and this is definitely not a good situation for any guy.

Dear women, in which category do you think you are on Samantha’s list? And dear men, share your stories about these girls, maybe you met each of them?