First dates can be such stressful events that they sometimes produce truly ridiculous moments, and you can’t help but smile when you think of them years later.

We put together a selection of ten of the funniest dates when something went wrong. Maybe something similar happened to you?

The Most Ridiculous Things That Ever Happened On First Dates​
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After her divorce, my friend looked for a man, trying to prove to herself that she was still nice. She met a boy. It was winter. They took a long walk. Then he said he was hungry. She smiled and thought they were going to a restaurant.

Another long walk and then they approached an apartment building, where he said at one of the entrances: “Wait for me here, okay? I’m going home, have a quick snack, and talk to you again.”


My companion expressed the desire to buy me ice cream. I chose the chocolate flavor. Four hours later, after a wonderful walk together, he took me home and, at the most important moment, I felt ashamed.

Without realizing it, he asked a question about the striking features on my face. I did not understand what he meant. He clarified by noting that if I had even more birthmarks there, it wouldn’t make any difference, as he found me attractive anyway, and there was always medical treatment available to remove them.

In a state of confusion, I said goodbye, and then, on my way back to my apartment, I saw in the mirror that I had a large brown stain of chocolate ice cream on my cheek.


Ten minutes before the start of our meeting, a pigeon pooped on me. That day I learned that bird poop smells awful. I decided not to tell my partner what had happened, but all the time there was a very unpleasant smell in the air around me. Not good for a first impression.

The Most Ridiculous Things That Ever Happened On First Dates​
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My boyfriend knew that I loved photography and invited me to a meeting very early in the morning so that I could take some photos of the fog. It was November; It was cold and I had two cameras and a big backpack.

After two hours of walking, he came down some steps and shouted that there was a beautiful view of the coast. I took a few steps towards him and suddenly fell into the water. At the time, the only thought I had was “Look how brown the water is!”

The Most Ridiculous Things That Ever Happened On First Dates​
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I once went on a double-blind date. My friends wanted to set me up and told me to bring a bottle of red wine. Being such a skilled person, I came over to their house, immediately tripped on the living room door, fell over, and broke the bottle on the corner of the sofa.

Until that moment it had been white. That’s when our relationship ended before it started.


We leave the metro and enter the underpass. It was at this point that I, all confident in my red dress, having had a wonderful night and almost in love with the young man accompanying me, tripped on a pavement stone right in front of his eyes and fell to the ground.

I was so ashamed and embarrassed, and I wanted the floor to open up, swallow me, and cry. But he just took me, hugged me, calmed me, and helped me clean the blood and dirt from my knees.

Then he pulled me against him and kissed me. He later admitted that it was my dismay that helped him find the courage to take that step.

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