Being in a faithful relationship is a choice that both partners must commit to every day. Sometimes, however, one or perhaps both parties find themselves in cases that jeopardize their union.

As much as someone is good at hiding things, there are little signs that they may be infidelity. That’s because someone can easily fake their actions, but they can’t easily fake their emotions.

Intimacy has changed or faded.

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Intimacy, both emotional and physical, fade over the years and couples grow accustomed to each other’s presence. But when these two areas start to fade quickly and unexpectedly, you may need to worry.

If your partner used to be affectionate with you and now won’t even kiss you goodbye, chances are they are saving their kisses for someone else. On the emotional side, they may not be very talkative anymore and stop sharing their deepest thoughts with you.

They have a new friend they always spend time with.

This type of affair can be physical or emotional and begins when your partner begins to cancel you to find a new friend. They obviously feel the need to be with them instead of you, and they don’t mind disappointing you.

Now they are sharing their deepest thoughts and issues with this other person and they are not opening up to you like they used to.  What’s worse is that they might never introduce you to that other “friend,” or they will, but as their “colleague.”

All of a sudden they have to work late.

Then, for over 10 years, your partner has always worked the same hours, and suddenly you’re working late at least 3 times a week. They may be willing to move up, you might think, but they’ve never told you about that possibility.

So the next logical explanation for you would be that they might be having an affair. Of course, that’s not always the answer to things we can’t explain.

But if you’ve been working late for a long time, your salary has stayed the same, and there haven’t been any promotions, then it’s a plausible concern. These things, along with other deteriorations in your relationship, should make you think twice.

Their friends are weird around you.

In these situations, your partner’s best friends will usually find out about your cheating long before you do. Or maybe your own friends know or suspect something but haven’t said anything yet.

If that’s the case, their behavior might change around you and they might have a hard time looking you in the eye. They may act strange and unnatural around you when they used to be fun and lively.

You can confront them and ask what the problem is. Most likely, they can no longer keep the secret and talk to you.

They spend money without explanation.

Many couples have joint accounts so they can keep track of their spending together. When you start to notice that your partner is drawing a lot more money than before, it’s natural to wonder why.

You can ask, but you will probably get an angry response or a very vague or false explanation. You may also notice that they take more frequent “business” trips and return home with new clothes and other accessories.

If they are really cheating, they will probably avoid using a credit card since it will be much easier for them to know what each purchase is for.

What other signs have you noticed when someone is cheating on you? And how should the other person behave if he notices such changes?