One can travel across the oceans, going from one continent to another in search of true love. This may be hard to imagine, but today we have couples from all over the world who have found each other and proved that love doesn’t stop. And most importantly, they prove that love always wins.

“Our wedding, we’ve been together for 4 years. We really wanted to embrace each other’s cultures!”

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“Dating for 3 years and married for one, this is me (Indian) and my Romanian hubby.”

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“I am American, he is Vietnamese-Australian. Here we are, happily in love and excited about the future.”

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“Just married! Love didn’t care that one of us was from Arkansas and the other, from India. It only cared that our future was together.”

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“First American Thanksgiving for my Ugandan wife”

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“Just wanted to share a picture of us from our wedding! We’re a Chinese Indian Couple in the UK.”

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“Our traditional Vietnamese wedding!”

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 “I got married yesterday to my best friend of over 10 years!”

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How did you meet your partner? Do you have pics from your wedding day? Show them down in the comments, we want to see them!

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