Startup Business Ideas: With the start of 2023, many hopeful entrepreneurs are looking to start their own businesses. Everyone Want to Start an Instantly Profitable Business.

What is the best business to start at less than $100? With today’s digital technology, you can do it. A start-up company can be established with little or no money and has the potential to scale.

Laurie Davis started the dating site with $ 50 and a Twitter account report young, fabulous and freelancers.

Her successful company was presented by the New York Times, The Washington Post, Good Morning America, and many other media.

Starting something online may be an obvious option, but the variety of businesses that can start for less than $ 100 may surprise you. Some can be started without any investment other than your time.

The key is to find the cheapest way to make a sale and then bet your winnings in the next step. Some entrepreneurs have paved the way for millions using this basic formula.

This usually involves starting a home business at home and, like all great business ideas, it begins by satisfying a need. Even if you sell something, find an unattended segment and offer the best possible service.

Profitable Startup Business Ideas To Start With $100

Let’s look at the 26 best startup ideas that will cost less than $ 100 and What small Startup Business Ideas are most profitable today.

#1. Youtube Vlogger

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You don’t need a professional camera team to vlog on YouTube. The more personal, the better and you can use your camera, smartphone or laptop to record yourself.

Essentially, the costs are very low and all we need is time and some excellent topics. This is one of the best Startup Business Ideas for young entrepreneurs.

#2. Blogger

Blogging is another most profitable startup ideas. With many free blog sites, you can start creating your blog at no cost. You don’t need ads, and SEO and social media optimization are practically free. (How To Start A Blog Right Now)

You can earn money with your blog by publishing recipes, reviews or interesting topics.

#3. ClickBank E-Products

To start a digital product business without investment, open a account for free and promote some elements on your Facebook page or blog.

After earning some commissions, you can pay the $ 49.95 fee to start a vendor account. Then, create a PDF ebook on any topic you know well (or search) and start selling immediately.

ClickBank receives $ 1 plus 7.5% of each sale, but you set the price and decide how much you want to share with the thousands of affiliates that can also sell your product (50% is common).

Some suppliers claim to have made tens of millions of dollars in sales through ClickBank.

#4. Used books

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When you see a book in a rummage sale, visit using your smartphone.

See what buyers pay and offer half or less. The big margins are in textbooks, but online shoppers accept many types of used books and generally pay for shipping with a printable label.

Selling yourself on is another option. In The Abundant Wife, a woman talks about selling books from home for $ 371.14 on Amazon, a good way to start from scratch.

Once you know the market, you can take advantage of your earnings for the expansion, perhaps by doing online arbitration by buying cheap used books at eBay auctions to sell to major online sellers.

#5. Freelancer

You can hire yourself as a bartender, cleaner, driver or anything else you are skilled at.

The freelancer is at the heart of the new gigs economy, and more people are willing to contract short-term or contract-based. This means you don’t need money to start.

#6. Taxi service

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With shared travel platforms like Uber, you can turn your current car into a business today without spending a dollar.

If all goes well, you can spend the money you earn on a regular taxi or driver service.

Obviously, once again, your goal, if you want to make higher profits, is to hire employees or subcontractors.

#7. Tutor/Instructor

Tutoring is also one of the companies that can start for less than $ 100. It used to be more difficult to market your tutoring services, but online platforms make it easier than ever.

If you can help students with academic subjects, register on a website like If you prefer to train people on a wide range of topics, such as chess, sports, cooking or singing, try

Tutors generally charge up to $ 50 per hour, and although these sites have a good amount of that, they provide a free way to get started. From there, you can create a local clientele and start hiring other people to work in your business.

#8. Dogs Walking

Many owners of full-time working animals have dogs that need to be constantly walked. Unfortunately, they don’t have time for this, and that’s where you come in.

Little or no upfront cost and all you need to do is be kind to pets.

#9. Lawn Care

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With next spring, many owners want to have a beautiful garden to look at. However, they will not have time, and that is where their lawn care services can be useful.

You will need a green thumb and some basic tools for less than $ 100.

#10. Tour Guide Service

Again, the Internet has made a difference by reducing the barriers to starting a business.

Forget the business cards (at least at the beginning) or try to ask the travel agencies to recommend the guide service. If you know an area well, simply register on a website like and allow them to find their customers to get a cut in revenue.

Once you know the ropes and earn some money, you can encourage visitors who return to you (and your new employees) directly.

#11. Cleaning Service

Again, think of the low-cost entry point to keep your initial costs below $ 100. You can clean homes with all the supplies and equipment you already use to clean your own home and then invest in equipment profits for other customers.

#12. Making Educational Products

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Instead of giving private lessons, you can offer your knowledge in other ways. Create e-books, online courses, or video tutorials to teach others about their specific skills.

Due to the extremely low cost of making digital copies, this is one of the most profitable small business startup ideas for 2023.

#13. App Developer

Applications are in vogue and there are no signs of slowing down. Enter the industry by creating applications for entrepreneurs and companies.

All you need is a good computer and excellent skills.

#14. Virtual Assistant

Busy people have many tasks that do not have time to complete. You can become a virtual assistant to help them with these tasks. Better yet, it’s a remote job, so you’ll never have to leave home.

To start a job as a Virtual assistant the best platform is Fiverr. Read our step by step Fiverr guide.

#15. eBay Sales

Anyone can start on eBay for less than $ 100.

Start selling things you no longer need at home. With the money you raise, you can search for a niche. For example, some suppliers come to sales and second-hand stores to buy cheap products that they can resell.

Others buy in bulk at places like and then sell items individually on eBay.

#16. Homemade Soaps

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If you can read and follow the instructions in an online soap-making tutorial, you can get some basic knowledge about crafts.

It involves relatively few materials and tools. To make soap, mix various forms of oil with bleach and essences. A basic 12-bar mold can be purchased at Amazon for less than $ 10.

Obviously, you can’t compete with mass-produced soaps, so you’ll want to make special products.

Finding a new creative or perfume approach to packaging and marketing will help. You can sell to your friends initially or invest in a stand at a flea market or craft fair.

What is the potential? Anne-Marie Faiola transformed her hobby of making soap into a multi-million dollar business.

#17. Affiliate Marketing

If your blog is successful and has many readers involved, you can start affiliate marketing.

This allows you to review or use a product in your blog posts. When someone clicks on the link you enter, you receive a commission for sales.

#18. Dropshipping

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Dropshipping allows you to sell products through your e-commerce store, without having to touch any inventory. The buyer buys on your website and you place the order. Your supplier sends it directly to the buyer, and you can keep the profits.

#19. Digital Design

Digital things are famous for low cost, and digital design is another aspect. You don’t even need the most sophisticated software, just a good eye for details, colors, and messages.

#20. Personal Trainer

If you have a lot of experience in helping people overcome their physical or weight challenges, this is for you. All you need is basic equipment (that your student may have) and adequate training.

#21. Content Creator

Many small businesses, SaaS and other companies have blogs and websites. They require excellent content updated daily or weekly.

With incredible writing skills, you can help create excellent content for these sites without the need for investment.

#22. Social Media Management

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Companies need help to manage their presence in social networks.

In particular, they need to tweet on Twitter and post on Facebook to raise awareness about their companies and promote their products.

You should already know how to use these and many other social media platforms.

Learn a little more with online tutorials on how to become a social media consultant.

Contact all your acquaintances to see if they need this valuable service. The expansion requires hiring other people at some time, so you can focus on getting new customers.

#23. Logo Design

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If you have artistic inclinations, creating logos is a relatively simple business to start. You can meet the most sophisticated, create very exclusive logos or provide low-cost designs, which start with the models and are modified to suit the customer.

One of the easiest ways to start is on A look at the statistics of the logo designers shows the size of the market. The most voted logo designer has more than 6,000 customer comments. receives a dollar for each sale of $ 5, so you may wonder how sellers make money. It is about additional services.

Many of the logo designers maintain the simplicity of a basic sale (add a company’s name to a model) but offer additional services that can add $ 100 or more to an order.

Find the first sale with little or no capital investment and use the proceeds to expand. This is how you start a business for less than $ 100.

#24. Dating Consultant / Matchmaker

One of those businesses that rarely goes out of style. Pairing is always popular since many adults are often too busy with the hassle of the dating scene. Help them enter and enter a wonderfully profitable market.

#25. Property Management

Many businesses and real estate entrepreneurs have multiple properties, but there is no time for daily maintenance needs. That’s where you come in. Better yet, no real investment is required at the start.

#26. Fashion and Crafts

With excellent services like CafePress and Etsy, you can easily create and sell your handicrafts and fashion items. There are no commercial problems to deal with suppliers. Just design, sell and pay.

The best Startup Business Ideas …

These are all fantastic low-cost business ideas that you can start today. But the most important thing is that you start.

After doing this, you will see how profitable your new business will be.

Do you have a Startup Business Ideas that are profitable? Do you know any other business that can start for less than $ 100?