“You should be married, otherwise you will be a cat lady forever.” This is what most of us have heard at least once. Women tend to be attacked more often than men. If you imagine, say, that the life of a single woman is a real nightmare for cats, you are wrong. Turns out you can have very good.

We break the stigma and show how bright and happy the life of an elderly single can be. So, read on if you are still worried that single people will be eaten by their cats one day.

Debunking The Myth

According to a Study Single People End Up Less Lonely in Old Age
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One study found that today, even the elderly prefer to be single. Adults don’t need a spouse to rescue them from loneliness. If they have close friends or someone to turn to when difficulties arise, they are just as happy as married people.

American sociologist Eric Klinenberg shows that singles are more involved in social events and have better mental health. In his book Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone Eric reveals the benefits of living alone.

Their Social Bonds Are Stronger

According to a Study Single People End Up Less Lonely in Old Age
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Single people stay in touch with their friends and family more often. There is no one to keep them away from other social connections. People who marry may become less considerate of their siblings, relatives, and parents.

They don’t show as much support as singles. Additionally, social scientists have found that single people get more help from their social networks than married people.

Friendships are best not neglected, as they become increasingly important as we age, according to various studies.

They Are More Tech-savvy

According to a Study Single People End Up Less Lonely in Old Age
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To keep in touch with their friends and family, they need to know how to use modern technology. They get along well with Skype, WhatsApp, and other social networks because they really want to learn and have time for it.

Unlike singles, married couples don’t feel the need to go that far because they already have their other half.

They Take Advantage Of Their Solitude

According to a Study Single People End Up Less Lonely in Old Age
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Single people dedicate much of their free time to self-development. They hold valuable work in high regard, exercise more, and have fewer negative thoughts due to their sense of self-reliance.

People who have never been married are self-reliant and experience less negativity. Surprisingly, equally self-reliant married people tend to experience negative emotions.

Singles also have fewer regrets, as they have freedom of choice and do not need to discuss changes with their partner.

Would you rather be alone when you are older? Do you think singles are happier?

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