We all dream of long-term happy relationships. However, it is not always possible to create a perfect love story. We all go through a crisis at some point, and the question is, can we get through it?

We analyzed the most common mistakes and behavior patterns in most couples that can lead to a breakup. When you know about these mistakes, it is easier to avoid them.

Signs You’re Going to Break Up

Merging Into Each Other

6 Signs A Breakup Is In Your Near Future, According To Experts

Ridiculously close-knit relationships, in which partners just dissolve each other, seem to be the most fragile. Sooner or later, one of the partners becomes irritated with the other, which inevitably causes pain in the other partner.

Thus begins a crisis. These couples often break up and cause each other a lot of pain.

The Illusion That Your Partner Thinks Just The Way You Do

6 Signs A Breakup Is In Your Near Future, According To Experts

Sometimes people unconsciously project their own thoughts, desires, and feelings onto others. The unfounded feeling of jealousy can be explained by this mechanism.

It can cause serious conflict when a person does not realize that their partner sees this world differently. You need to understand and respect the fact that we are all different people.

A Lack Of Communication

6 Signs A Breakup Is In Your Near Future, According To Experts

Sometimes you hear that people in love don’t need words. It is a big mistake because the key to a harmonious relationship is listening to each other and sharing feelings.

When we don’t communicate enough, we run the risk of never exploring and revealing the personalities of others.

A Lack Of Common Plans

6 Signs A Breakup Is In Your Near Future, According To Experts

When they are in love recently, young couples sometimes refuse to make common plans for the future. Once the person they like is gone, they have no idea what’s to come and they are scared.

To build a strong relationship, it is necessary to discuss future plans and not avoid even the most complicated questions: children, finances, personal space, disposition for monogamy, etc.

“Saving” Someone In A Relationship

It can seem like a good and healthy relationship when one of the partners is constantly trying to heal, protect, or solve their partner’s problems. The “martyr” is like a spoiled child, getting all the attention.

The “protector” seems necessary and important to someone. However, this relationship is doomed. The “martyr” can be healed and realize that he no longer needs to be saved. In most cases, both partners benefit from their positions.

Laziness And A Lack Of Effort

Many couples trust that harmony should come on its own, without any additional effort on their part. When they finally face problems, they feel like their relationship is doomed and they don’t even try to find a solution.

It is necessary to understand that a relationship (sexual and social) is built step by step, repeatedly in each step of the evolution of a couple.