An empath is a person who feels for those around them and often takes their emotions as their own. This is why people often turn to them for advice and compassion. However, not everyone who pays attention to the problems of others is an empath.

There are some clear signs that can reveal whether or not you are an empath, and some of them may really surprise you. We have done some research and would like to present you with 6 solid signs that you might be an empath.

You Are Too Sensitive To Sounds And Noises

Sensitivity is not limited to emotions and feelings, but also to loud noises, strong smells, and powerful sensations. You may feel irritated by people next to you listening to loud music or talking loudly on the phone.

Also, you may not be very fond of strong smells and sounds may bring on unexpected emotions. In conclusion, you are sensitive to many things in everyday life and prefer to keep a low tone when it comes to loud noises and sounds.

Your Intuition Is Super Strong

Your instinct is super strong and you trust it every time you make a decision. To some people, you may seem impulsive, but in reality, you know that your decision is the right one.

From deciding which apartment to rent to which street would be safest to walk on, your intuition only alerts you to what to do. And that’s what helps you identify when people are being dishonest with you.

You Don’t Do Well In Crowded Places And Like Your Alone Time

Being in crowds can be overwhelming due to loud noises and capturing the energy of people and the general energy of the space. So if something is wrong, you may feel like you need to leave and find a quieter area. This is because your highly sensitive brain and heart are picking up on anything negative or triggering.

An excellent treatment for these feelings is to give yourself time and space to recharge and get in touch with your mind. You are most likely an introvert who values ​​and invests in personal time and space. However, you must be careful not to isolate yourself too much from the outside world.

You Can Detect Lies From Miles Away

Thanks to your intuition, you can sense if someone is being dishonest or cheating on you. You may not know what is really hidden behind their lies, but surely you understand that they are hiding something from you.

Of course, there are times when people successfully deceive you and this is perfectly normal as some of us are better at lying.

You Have A Hard Time Setting Boundaries

You want to give as much as you can to others and be there for them even when you are absolutely exhausted. And you feel like setting boundaries means you’re ignoring them and not caring as much as you should.

This can leave you feeling emotionally drained and an absolute need to be there for yourself and not just others. Therefore, it is important to set your limits to protect yourself from harmful and negative emotions that will affect you deeply.

People Come To You For Advice


You are probably an excellent listener, not interrupting the other person and listening carefully to their problems. This is what makes people come to you when they have something important to share without judging you.

Be sure to draw the line, though, as other people’s problems can leave you emotionally wounded. Be very careful with people who try to manipulate you simply because they know how much you care.

Do you consider yourself empathetic? If yes, how many of the above signs have you noticed in yourself?