Admit it, you have a profile on at least one social media platform. This statistic shows that there are at least 53 million Facebook users in the United States. Every day, we open different applications and go through the timelines.

However, we rarely think about the huge impact social media platforms have on our lives. From a simple time-consuming hobby to a global influencer, social media manipulates our lives. It is up to you to decide whether to allow it or not.

We collected 6 simple but useful tips on how to balance your social life with your real-life activities.

Why Are You Scrolling Down The Newsfeed?

Social media platforms have their own media and tools that attract our attention and make us spend hours browsing new pages. According to recent statistics, teens spend up to 9 hours a day on social platforms and the average adult spends almost two hours on different social platforms.

It is more than what we normally spend interacting with the family or eating.

so why do we do this? This is the first question we must ask ourselves. Of course, there are people who only need to do it for their work or who prefer to support their brain using devices and social networks.

But why, of all the possible forms of relaxation, do we choose to scroll through the endless news feed for hours? Let’s be honest and admit that we rarely see something new every hour when we open the social media app.

KKnow The Gap Between Social Media Life And Your Real Life

We often talk about unrealistic images that celebrities post on social media and how their real life is really different. However, we rarely think that we also do the same. We just want to share the most exciting, beautiful, and perfect moments of our lives and we skip the boring details.

So people unknowingly create the idea of ​​a perfect life. Have you ever been jealous of someone and their perfect life? They may have more friends than you, photos in a large mansion, a fit tanned body, or an acute big dog. We all know them.

But are they real? Do these people really live like this? Like us, they want the world to see only the perfect side and hide the rest. That is why it is very important to see the difference between the real image of a person and the one they are trying to create on social networks.

Follow What You’re Interested In, Not What Is Popular

There are millions of different accounts and pages on social media. As you browse social media, you may find yourself caught in a cycle of following one popular account after another. While other people may think that following a famous celebrity’s account is a must, you may find it annoying.

Why would you like to see how other people struggle and have plastic surgery? You have your own life and your time is precious, so spend it on the things that matter, not the things that other people find popular. Don’t let social media manipulate your interests and preferences.

Turn Off “share Mode.”

Every minute of our life is precious and we are always ready to share the most exciting events with our friends. However, some people can get too attached to their devices, which is why they spend almost all of their free time browsing the applications on the phone.

No matter what they do, they feel the need to share on social media. They don’t realize what is going on around them because they are too busy applying filters and thinking of hashtags.

Experts say that modern people fear that their friends will forget about them if they don’t appear on the timeline as often as possible. Don’t develop a fear of losing your life. In fact, according to the Tech Times, FoMO (Fear of Losing) can cause depression and anxiety in teenage social media users.

You have to find a balance in everything. Turn off “share mode” and enjoy the precious moments of your life with your friends and family. You can always post a photo later and stay involved now.

Interact With Real People More Often

If you don’t live in a distant galaxy, try interacting with real people more often than your digital avatars. Also, it is much healthier to hang out with your friends than to chat with them on social media.

There’s nothing like seeing your friends smile or nudging them on the shoulder after a brilliant joke. Make new connections. Face to face.

Turn On Only The Most Important Notifications

It may sound funny at first, but why not? Why would you have all the notifications turned on all the time and see them appear on your screen as soon as someone likes a link or posts a photo of a cute dog? If you’re going to stop what you’re currently doing to open a social media app, make sure it’s for a good reason.

If you value your time, you can limit your time on social media to 30 minutes a day. We promise you won’t miss a thing if you turn off notifications.

Also, you will be more focused on your work or hobby because you will not be interrupted by continuous notifications from different applications.

How do you find the perfect balance between social media and real life? Or do you prefer to be a screen junkie? Share your tips and tricks in the comments.

Preview photo credit fitfenji/instagram