It turns out that hugging your partner can not only make you happy, it can also help you sleep more soundly. In fact, according to one study, just the smell of your partner can lead to a good night’s sleep, regardless of whether or not they are actually with you.

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155 People Participated In The Study And Their Partners Were Involved Too

According to a Study, The Scent of Your Loved One Helps You Sleep Better
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To find out if a person’s smell has an effect on their partner, the University of British Columbia conducted a study.

Participant partners were asked to wear a T-shirt for 24 hours without using deodorant, perfume, cigarettes, or anything that could affect their natural body odor. The shirts were then frozen to retain the odor.

The participants were then informed that they would receive 2 identical t-shirts to use as a pillowcase.

One of the shirts would carry the scent of your partner and the other would have the scent of a stranger. They didn’t tell them which was which.

Subjects Were Then Asked To Sleep On Both The Shirts

According to a Study, The Scent of Your Loved One Helps You Sleep Better
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Participants slept in T-shirts worn by their partner and a stranger on consecutive nights. Upon awakening, they were asked to complete a survey every day, describing how they slept.

Their sleep was also monitored by a sleep watch that took notes of Their movements during the night.

It Was Noted That People Slept Much Better On Pillows That Had Their Partner’s Scent On Them

At the end of the study, the participants reported that they felt better rested after sleeping in their partners’ shirts rather than the others.

Frances Chen, the lead author of the study, revealed that even when people did not know which shirt they slept on, the data showed that they experienced less playing games and flipping the pillow over the scent of their loved one.

According to a Study, The Scent of Your Loved One Helps You Sleep Better
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The researchers added that sleeping with a partner evokes feelings of security and relaxation. Just the scent of your partner can induce the same emotions and help people sleep better.

In fact, it was found that sleep efficiency increased by more than 2%, which is similar to using sleeping pills!

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