We start walking faster than our parents or grandparents ever used to, according to a study. Walking 18 meters on foot now takes one second less than ten years ago. And while walking is generally considered healthy, it can say something about a person’s state of mind.

We were curious about the other side of fast walking as a lifestyle, and we found thought-provoking information that can make you pay attention if you live in a constant rush.

Because Living In A Rush Can Be Bad For Our Health

While walking and an active lifestyle are good for our health, there is another part. A research study examined walking speed from 32 countries and found that modern life pushes us to live fast and in a hurry.

It can be very stressful and can even have some negative effects on our heart condition, experts say.

Professor Richard Wiseman conducted an interesting experiment. His team measured the time it took 35 men and 35 women to walk down the sidewalk holding a cell phone and struggling with shopping bags.

The bottom line is that when you speed a person up, they stop taking care of themselves. With all these calls and emails, we may not be aware of what is going on around us.

And if someone doesn’t respond to you within 20 minutes, you can start thinking “What’s that all about?”

Why People Who Walk Faster Can Often Be Less Happy
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According to Wiseman, there are a few signs that you should slow down and relax more for your own happiness:

  • You may talk too quickly
  • You want to rush someone when it takes a long time to get to the point
  • You are the first person to finish your meal
  • You get frustrated when you get caught behind other people while walking down a street
  • Gets irritated if you sit for an hour doing nothing
  • You leave restaurants or shops, even if there is a short line

Because You Can Be Chronically Multitasking

There is nothing wrong with multitasking, but psychologists say that when that quality becomes chronic, it doesn’t always lead to more effective use of time.

You just get overwhelmed with things to do and can make mistakes. We set deadlines and then we race.

As a result, we walk faster and talk faster. The emotional impact of this stress can be enormous, causing disappointment and sadness.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with too many tasks at the same time, experts suggest some techniques that can help you be more relaxed:

  • Get in the habit of leaving early if you’re feeling very stressed when you’re late.
  • Prioritize your tasks.
  • Limit your usage time and remember that it’s okay to reply a little later, you don’t need to reply right away all the time.

How fast do you walk? What do you notice about the walking styles you have? Please share your experience with us!

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