Love takes many forms: it can be in the form of a rebellious parent who never wanted a pet and is now inseparable from one; a couple celebrating a lifetime of happiness and true love; or parents who support their children to overcome whatever obstacles life throws their way, be it jumping stumps or becoming a true warrior at a young age.

We all expressions of love and wants to show you some of the most captivating photos shared by inspiring people.

“As a kid, my dad told me to never bring home a cat. This is him now.”

© Morganpaullina / Reddit

“Having a baby brother is the best thing that’s ever happened to her.”

© centopar / Reddit

“Our dog went missing for 4 days. This is the moment we found her.”

© Capricamanda / Reddit

“This little firecracker is my whole world.”

© mamabean36 / reddit

“My grandparents’ fifty-third anniversary is today.”

© JulianRob37 / Reddit

“Still not 100% sure what I’m doing, but these past 4 months have been the best time of my life.”

© DavidWallaceS**kIt / Reddit

“Our 9-year-old boy with our 6-year-old granddaughter — feeling blessed!”

© IcyIndependent5109 / Reddit

“These 2 are each other’s favorite people already.”

© centopar / Reddit

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