Most people who get divorced stay divorced. However, there are some lucky couples who give their love a second chance and end up together forever. In the process, they learn something new about themselves and how to build a lasting relationship with someone.

We thinks that stories about people remarried to their exes can teach us a thing or two about love. And we hope you like them too!

The Grass Isn’t Greener On The Other Side

5 Love Lessons From People Who Remarried Their Ex-Spouses
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“My wife and I had been married for 17 years and around 40 we both began to question our future together. So I filed for divorce. Our 2 families got divorced along with us.

Everyone used to talk and meet up and they even planned to do it after we dropped the D-bomb. It just didn’t work out that way. Bitter relationships have formed.

Fast forward 3 years and after not having contact with my ex, I got a call from her saying that our pet we share was dying. I’ll see her and we’ll finish talking.

We realized that the grass is no longer green on the other side and that we were looking for something that was right in front of us the whole time. We went very slowly, meeting again in the following months. We are happier now than ever.” TheToenailCollector / Reddit

Work On Your Emotional Maturity

5 Love Lessons From People Who Remarried Their Ex-Spouses
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“We had several problems at the same time, from money to illness. We end up hating each other and amicably divorcing each other. For 3 years we spoke sporadically on Christmas or birthdays, but it always ended in an argument. Finally, we break contact.

A few years later, she texted me about a mutual friend and we agreed to meet. Everything went well, we saw each other more often and started a relationship. We talked about our old problems and we both realized that we had improved in the areas we struggled with before, too, that we were now much more emotionally mature. We got remarried in secret.” horrorhiker / Reddit

You Don’t Need To Be Together 24/7

5 Love Lessons From People Who Remarried Their Ex-Spouses
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“My father and stepmother got divorced and they spent a few years where they barely spoke. After my brother went to college, my father started doing home repairs that my stepmother couldn’t do.

Soon they began to have dinner together. Then they started going out together and sometimes Dad would sleep on the couch.

After my sister went to college, he started staying here more often. Whenever they argued, he’d go back to his house and give her time to simmer down. After being divorced for over 20 years, they decided it was stupid to have 2 separate houses, so they officially got together again and bought a new house.

They keep separate rooms so that if they have an argument they can go out and let things cool down.” fordprecept / Reddit

It’s Worth Making An Extra Effort

5 Love Lessons From People Who Remarried Their Ex-Spouses
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“My wife divorced me after we were together for 4 years, claiming lack of care, understanding, etc. She also had self-esteem problems and severe depression since childhood.

I was a full-time medical student with 2 part-time jobs. She dated just under a year, then told me she wanted me to come back.

She is seeing a psychiatrist try to find a medicine that works for her. I ended up with a full-time job and my last year of graduation. I also learned to try to spend more time with just her.

Learned to avoid living just for work, started dating and going out with her more often. Fortunately, everything is still going well because I love that woman more than life itself.” xSurelockHomesx / Reddit

Sometimes You Need To Wait For The Right Time To Be Together

5 Love Lessons From People Who Remarried Their Ex-Spouses
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“My husband and I didn’t take anything too seriously until our son was conceived. I put on my big girl panties and he reluctantly followed me. It resented our lives for several years after our marriage.

Our second son appeared and the tension increased even more. We broke up after 6 years together. The children’s plans were painful, so in the end, they stayed with me. It changed when he could handle all of this emotionally.

Then one day my car broke down. I called him and he came to help. I ended up inviting him to dinner. He stayed and we finally realized that we were both resentful.

19, pregnant and married, we had no idea of ​​life. We tried again and here we are almost 13 years later, we couldn’t be happier. Sometimes people just need to breathe and grow before making the right decisions … ” mclovin8186 / Reddit

Do you know someone who divorced and remarried the same person? Did it work for them?