Getting rescued just by using your hands, leaving a discreet message about violent abuse, or using gestures while driving or riding a bike that can help you avoid an accident. There is no question that hand signals can be a powerful communication tool.

In fact, studies have shown that our gestures can mirror our thoughts, can help other people understand us better, and can even replace the need to speak.

To help you use this frequently underused tool, we have selected the most important hand signals that can help you on a daily basis or in an emergency.

Hand Signal For Help

6 Important Hand Signals Each of Us Should Know

If you are alone and need to be rescued, a simple hand gesture can save you some time – swing your arms up and down.

That way, any helicopter or plane will know right away that you need help. If you wave with just one hand, it can be mistaken for a “hello” sign.

Hand Signal For Domestic Violence

6 Important Hand Signals Each of Us Should Know

Sometimes it is not possible to send a verbal message that you feel threatened by your partner. In this case, Sign of Violence at Home for Help is the best option.

Just hold your hand with your thumb in the palm and then bend your fingers down. You can display this signal when talking to someone in person or through a video call.

Hand Signal To Stop

6 Important Hand Signals Each of Us Should Know

The hand signal to stop is important when driving a car or cycling around town. When you begin to slow down, reach out to the side and roll your hand toward the ground.

That way, the person behind you will know that you will stop and will also slow down.

Hand Signal To Turn

6 Important Hand Signals Each of Us Should Know

This advice also applies to drivers and cyclists. If the lights go out, it can also indicate that you are changing lanes or turning by reaching out.

If you are turning left, keep your arm straight. If you are turning right, cross your arm and point your hand toward the sky.

Hand Signal To Agree

6 Important Hand Signals Each of Us Should Know

If you’re talking to someone on video or are a teacher in an online class, the agreement signal can be helpful.

In order not to interrupt what the other is saying, simply agree to keep the little finger and thumb straight, with the palm of the hand facing the person who is speaking.

Hand Signal In Speeches

6 Important Hand Signals Each of Us Should Know

When you present, what you do with your hands is just as important as what you say. To immediately build confidence and make your audience feel comfortable, spread your hand’s palms up. This gesture usually has a positive effect on people.

What other hand gestures do you know that might be helpful to other people?