Meeting a soulmate is the greatest love wish of all. But a soulmate is something you can find, not find. Only those who have these magnetic responses to each other are truly soulmates.

He can understand many things even if you don’t say

The greatest unspoken understanding between two people is that he can understand your thoughts before you can say them.

Reaching this state requires a deep mutual understanding between the partners.

In many cases, the expression of language is very powerless.

No matter how much they say, two people who do not understand each other can be useless and can even have a big fight.

And two people who feel the same, without a thousand words, with just a glance, can understand each other.

This is the “magnetic field response”.

Two people with similar magnetic fields can easily find this type of telepathy.

You know each other better than you know yourself.

So many things, no need to say more, you can understand the minds of others.

You won’t get tired of being together for a long time

Many feelings go away with time.

A couple, when they get together, are usually full of enthusiasm for each other and often have endless words to speak.

But after a long time together, especially after getting married, many people will feel that there is less of a common language between two people.

After all, you two are starting to tire of the relationship.

There is no enthusiasm, there is no patience, replaced by growing anguish and disappointment.

But two people who love each other will never fall into such an awkward situation.

Because between you and him, you have already entered a state of spiritual dependence.

In other words, you are each other’s spiritual support and neither can be separated from the other.

You always have a lot to talk about, share joys, share concerns and encourage and console each other.

Even when there is nothing to say, two people can feel happiness just by leaning on each other.

That’s how you get along, you depend on each other, you’re comfortable and nobody gets bored.

Take the initiative to think about each other

Being with a soul mate will only increase your love for each other over time.

You two can’t help but see yourself as the most important person in your life.

From there, whatever you do, the first thing that comes to mind should be the other party.

When you eat something good, you both want to share it.

When you encounter problems, you are willing to take the initiative to address them.

When there is a disagreement, you will take into account the point of view of the other party.

When you go out, you need to worry more about the safety of the other party.

Loving him is loving yourself, a belief that has gone deep into your bones.

The biggest unspoken understanding between you and him is that you love each other.

This is the true soulmate.