You would never know, but the way you charge your phone can be crucial not only for your electricity and security bills but also for battery life.

The phone batteries used today are based on an exact number of charge cycles and, to the last longer, it is advisable never to charge them to 100% or to deplete them to 0%.

We want to share with you some other tips on the correct way to charge your phone so that you can use it in the best possible way and avoid any danger.

8. You Always Leave Your Charger In The Socket

8 Charging Mistakes You Can Stop Making Right Now

A charger constantly consumes power when it is plugged in, even if the phone is not connected. This is not good for your electricity bills.

Also, the transformer releases heat that can slowly build up and cause something nearby to catch fire or, if the air in the room is humid enough, it can shorten the transformer and cause a fire.

If you are not using it, always unplug the charger from the socket.

7. You Charge The Battery To 100%

8 Charging Mistakes You Can Stop Making Right Now

Charging your phone battery 100% each time will shorten its life. This is because each battery has a precise number of charge cycles and if you always charge it to 100%, those cycles will finish sooner.

The general rule of thumb would be to fully recharge the battery once a month and keep it between 20% and 80% every other time.

6. You Let The Battery Fully Die Before Charging It Again

8 Charging Mistakes You Can Stop Making Right Now

It is not good to let the battery reach 0% as well. So, as we said, newer lithium batteries run on charge cycles. So if you let the battery drain, you will destroy the longevity of your device step by step.

5. You Leave Your Phone To Charge Overnight

8 Charging Mistakes You Can Stop Making Right Now

Leaving your phone charging overnight will waste electricity and charge the battery more than necessary. This will also affect the battery charge cycles.

Another reason to never leave your phone charging overnight is to make sure it doesn’t overheat.

4. You Use The Phone While It’s Charging

You should not continue to discharge your phone’s battery while trying to charge it. This causes an overload of the battery, which now tries to do 2 things at the same time.

If someone is calling you, unplug the phone (and charger from the socket) and charge it again after ending the call.

3. You Charge Your Phone Even When The Battery Is Above 20%

8 Charging Mistakes You Can Stop Making Right Now

Constantly charging the phone is wrong, because it can be a way to make the battery last less than it should.

The best way to use the battery is to charge it only when it is really necessary: ​​that is, when it is below 20%, but above at least 5%.

2. You Leave The Phone Case On While Charging

8 Charging Mistakes You Can Stop Making Right Now

One of the main enemies of batteries is heat, and by charging the phone with the cover on, you are trapping the heat that is being produced.

This will cause the battery and other internal components of the phone to heat up. Before charging the phone, remove the cover to allow the battery to “breathe”.

1. You Charge Your Phone From Your Laptop

Laptops are often used to charge phones, but it takes longer than using normal plugs and does not activate the fast battery charging option.

If you want to charge it faster and in the best possible way, always use an electrical socket.

Which of these errors did you find helpful? Do you know other things to avoid that we can add to this list? Let us know in the comments!