Modern mobile phones have many functions: they allow you to connect with someone on the other side of the world, send messages to all your friends in seconds, and surf the Internet.

However, this is not a complete list of what your device is actually capable of.

Just for you, we found and tested 6 smart tricks you probably didn’t know you could do with your smartphone.

Amazing Features of Smartphone

6. Turning Your Cell Phone Into A Listening Device

6 Useful Features of Your Smartphone That You Don’t Use

With just a few simple manipulations, you can turn your cell phone into a spy tool or baby monitor. The device works very simply.

To test it out, place your cell phone in the desired location, go to a remote area, and call the handset you have set as the listening device.

It will respond automatically and you will be able to hear what is happening wherever you put it. This thing isn’t just for spies!

5. Getting Your Phone Locked Forever

6 Useful Features of Your Smartphone That You Don’t Use

If your smartphone is lost or stolen and you want to keep your personal data safe from prying eyes, this feature can be very useful. T

he fact is that for every SIM around the world, a unique 15-digit number, called IMEI, is assigned.

If your phone is no longer in your possession and there is little chance that you will see it again, simply call your mobile operator and ask them to lock your device with this number.

By the way, if we all start using this trick, cell phone theft will become essentially pointless! To find the IMEI code of your phone, simply dial the combination * # 06 #. Take a moment to do this right away!

4. Turning Your Phone Into A Microscope

6 Useful Features of Your Smartphone That You Don’t Use

It may sound incredible, but you don’t have to spend a lot on expensive equipment in order to see objects that are too small for the naked eye.

With a small lens (which can be found on any laser pointer) and a cell phone, you can make a portable digital microscope that is perfect for taking amazing magnified photos and even for letting kids peer at the nuclei of cells. Find instructions here.

3. Take Pictures Underwater

6 Useful Features of Your Smartphone That You Don’t Use

Not all smartphones produced today are waterproof. However, just because you have a mobile device that is not designed to shoot underwater, it does not mean that you cannot take it to the pool, the sea, or the ocean.

“How is that possible?” you ask. You only need a polyethylene box that will take less than two minutes to make.

2. Setting Up Face Unlock

6 Useful Features of Your Smartphone That You Don’t Use

Android offers a multitude of ways to unlock your phone: a PIN, a password, a standard gesture, or a typical insecure swipe.

But there is one more unlocking method that most users just ignore. In fact, the Face Unlock feature is much more secure than a simple password.

To set it up, go to Settings, scroll down to Security, tap Screen lock and select the option you want.

1. Extending The Life Of Your Smartphone

6 Useful Features of Your Smartphone That You Don’t Use

It is absolutely normal for your phone’s power jack to tend to collect dust, dirt, and other debris over time.

But only a few people know that dust in the charging port can be one of the leading causes of death for your device.

To avoid this, clean your smartphone regularly. Simply take an air-filled syringe, insert the needle into the power jack, and inject the air.

This will allow you to easily remove dust from the charging port and extend the life of your smartphone.

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