Many girls like to take off their boyfriend’s clothes and enjoy the smell. Well, if you’re not a fan of wearing a men’s t-shirt, then you can just sniff it.

And your actions will not seem strange, since the scent of your partner is an excellent anti-stress tool. Yes, the ability to feel less stressed has always been within reach.

We are in a rush to share with you the interesting and unexpected results of this study. And after reading this you can take off your boyfriend’s favorite sweatshirt without a doubt. You will even be able to justify it with science.

Conducting An Experiment

According to a Research, Your Boyfriend’s Smell Can Help Lower Your Stress

The study involved 96 women who sniffed shirts. The men received them ahead of time and were asked to wear them for 24 hours without using deodorants, perfumes, or any other scented products.

They were also told not to eat anything that could alter their smell and not smoke.

There were 3 types of shirts: one worn by the couple, another worn by someone else, and an unused neutral shirt. And each woman was given blind and smelled only one of them.

They then went through a test that increased their stress. That is a mock job interview and a mental task.

They also gave saliva samples to measure the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) in their bodies and answered questions about how they felt stressed.

Recognition Led To Better Results

According to a Research, Your Boyfriend’s Smell Can Help Lower Your Stress
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As a result, it was found that women who smelled their partner’s shirt experienced less stress before and after the test than those who smelled a stranger’s shirt.

Interestingly, despite the increased cortisol in those who received the stranger’s t-shirt, the women themselves did not say they felt stressed.

According to a Research, Your Boyfriend’s Smell Can Help Lower Your Stress
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At the same time, those who recognized their partner’s scent were even less stressed. This gave the researchers reason to think that the effect of your boyfriend’s smell, even in his absence, will be stronger if you know that the clothes or things belong to him.

Possible Reasons

This can happen due to an evolutionary process. People used to be afraid of strangers, especially men. And the smell of a stranger can raise your cortisol level and trigger a “fight-or-flight” reaction, even if you don’t realize it.

Does It Work Both Ways?

According to a Research, Your Boyfriend’s Smell Can Help Lower Your Stress

Women are supposed to smell better and are more affected by smells. And, at the moment, no studies have been done to see if the scent of a girlfriend can calm a guy.

But there is reason to think that this may be true. Yes, you will probably never see a guy wearing a shirt or sweater that belongs to his girlfriend.

However, many men like to smell girls’ hair and sleep in the middle of the bed when they are away.

Do you like to smell your partner’s clothes? Have you ever felt more calm or at peace after smelling your partner?

Describe your experience and thoughts on your partner’s scent in the comments.