The way we talk to our partner can increase our happiness as a couple because the words we choose are a direct expression of our emotions.

If you can identify with yourself, then clearly you are in a meaningful and happy relationship. Otherwise, We are here to help you adjust your vocabulary accordingly.

Happy Partners Say “thankYou” Instead Of “I’m Sorry”:

Do you see qualities or defects? You say “thanks for understanding” or “I’m sorry, I can’t talk about that …”

It’s about choice and perspective.

Focusing on the qualities and the good of the relationship will make you feel more fulfilled. While there is always room for “better” and “more”, happiness is not excess or perfection.

Happy members are wise enough to recognize that what they have is special and that everything they really need is already there.

While it’s easier and more helpful to express appreciation than to apologize, we often go the wrong way and value the people in our lives only after we’ve lost them.

That being said, it is never too late to change! Showing more gratitude to our loved ones can save us from more regrets.

They Use “we/our” Instead Of “I/mine”:

Using the first person plural is a sign of:

  • acceptance – You know your lover and believe she/he is suitable for you.
  • affiliation – You are partners in the factual meaning of the word.
  • altruism – You are willing to give in order to receive.
  • assumed responsibility – you are co-creators of the relationship and both responsible for its success or failure.

Of course, these are the ingredients of any happy and meaningful relationship.

When They Ask “how Was Your Day?” They Mean It:

It may seem petty and ordinary, but when you really want to know about your partner’s day, they can feel why you are really showing affection and love.

The true feelings you have for each other are best expressed in the little everyday things you do and share.

They say “yes” When They Mean It:

Happy partners don’t have to approve of each other’s opinions every time. They admit and respect their differences and this brings them even closer.

A meaningful relationship means feeling free to disagree and recognizing that you can’t be on the same page all the time and agreeing to that.

They say “we’ll Be Fine” Instead Of, “I Told You So”:

In a happy couple, there is no power struggle, no boss, no orders or reprimands. The relationship works as a team and the partners share and take responsibility for everything together.

Happy couples know that they are part of a great team and that together they are always stronger than alone.

Always Say “good Night”:

Happy couples follow the old rule that they can’t go to bed upset and will find a way to loosen up and restore peace before falling asleep.

A simple “good night” is very helpful and offers the necessary assurance that what you have together is far more important than any disagreement.

They Say “I Love You” Every Day:

While some people argue that “I love you” loses its meaning if confessed too often, I disagree because it is a great routine that keeps a partner happy.

Yes, you can say that out of habit after a while, maybe even use it instead of “goodbye” or “thank you”, but its deep meaning will always be there.

They say “I’m Happy”:

Confessing your state of well-being and satisfaction in the relationship is a great sign of gratitude that your partner will appreciate and be inspired by.

Naturally, your partner wants to make you happy. When you acknowledge your happiness, your lover will also feel successful, appreciated, and happy.

In the end, happiness is contagious and the language of love is a contagious habit.

Are words enough to build a meaningful and happy relationship? Of course not, but they are a great starting point and one of the most effective ways to express your emotions.

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Preview photo credit Ivan Troyanovsky