Women want certain types of men, and they differ based on age, education, social status, or financial status. There are also women who want a certain type of man to marry or have an affair with.

This means that a woman can have different types of men throughout her life depending on their experiences with the opposite sex or influenced by what they see around them. All because they think that a certain type of man is perfect for a happy marriage or an affair.

The father man

He is a mature man who cares for her and understands her moods and desires. Also, he gives her everything she wants because she feels his desires without her saying them.

This type of man is characterized by emotional maturity. Also, they can be understanding, and emotional and can motivate a woman to reach her potential. Sexually, this type of man can fulfill all your desires and fantasies due to his maturity.

Funny man

He is a funny man who knows how to joke and who is cheerful and full of life. He is appreciated for his energy and humor and is considered a man with whom a woman can enjoy life.

The good guy man

He is a calm and affectionate man who likes children, animals, and nature. He is always calm and warm and can bring affection and reassurance to a woman.

In addition, he is appreciated for his warmth and is considered a good father because he knows how to enter the world of any child without getting bored.

The man Don Juan

He is the type of man who cares a lot and is emancipated and conquering. He is always well cared for and knows what to say to a woman to win her over. What you need to know is that this type of man will not stay in a relationship with a woman for long.

No matter how hard you try to stay in the relationship, you will end up breaking up with the woman you once had feelings for.

Bad guy man

He is a strong and virile man who manifests his masculinity in all his relationships. He is strong and powerful and is very confident in his own strength. It will be difficult to convince him to start a family.

The man with a higher social position

He is a man who can give you all the comforts you want.  It can help you build a family and help you build a family. It could be a doctor, a lawyer, or a politician.

Sugar daddy

He is the type of man who is financially powerful and can satisfy all your desires. In general, many young people look for such a man to support them materially.