Women from 180 countries were asked what is the most important trait they look for in a partner, not looks or wealth; the overwhelming response was kindness, followed by support and intelligence. It just goes to show that women don’t always need grand gestures to be swept off their feet. Being a good person, meeting their needs, and making them laugh may be enough to win their heart.

We collected 6 stories from women who described the events that made them fall in love with their partners and make us realize that even simple and genuine acts can have a big impact.

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“On my first date with the man who is now my fiancé, we walked from our school to a local restaurant and he insisted on walking on the part of the sidewalk closest to the road. At that moment it reminded me of my late grandfather, because when I was a child, my grandfather used to tell me: ‘A gentleman always walks closer to traffic than you.’ he was polite and a bit old-fashioned.” © particularshadeofblu / Reddit

“When he’s a good Dad to our kid. Nothing makes me love him more than watching him play or hug our 9 year old daughter. Every time I see it, I feel a pinch of happiness in my heart.” © littlegingerfae / Reddit

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“On my first date with my boyfriend, we went out for breakfast. I always ask for bacon with my waffles, but I totally forgot because I was nervous. He made me quietly sad and I told him I had forgotten and laughed. When our food arrived, he shared the bacon with me. It really made me like him as he had just told me that bacon is his favorite. And he has let me pay since he drove, which is a big plus for me!” © kelstay207 / Reddit

“We were in New York City and you noticed a confused tourist on the subway platform. He greeted them cheerfully and offered to point them in the right direction. Later, when I told him, ‘That was very kind of you,’ he replied, ‘Kindness costs nothing. He’s a keeper.” — © Heidiwearsglasses / Reddit

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“On our first date, my husband stuck his hand on the skewer of his hamburger. I was laughing so hard I could barely say, ‘Yeah, I saw that.’ I’m clumsy, so I was also relieved that he did something sloppy before me.” © TheSpiderLady88 / Reddit

“I’m not normally an indecisive woman, but I was on my period and I wasn’t sure what I was craving. This man (on our first date!!), instead of being upset about my period, took me to TWO taquerias, a chocolate bar, and a bakery. Maybe it was less about finding the perfect meal and more about spending time together. Regardless, I know he’s the type of man I want to be with. © HodorTheGreatDane / Reddit

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What do you think is the best quality of your current partner? Can you share a precious moment in your relationship when you felt overwhelming love?

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